U.S. Senators Propose Bill for Canadian Drug Import

March 1, 2017

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and many of his Democratic colleagues introduced a bill to allow commercial importation of drugs from Canada.

According to an article in The Washington Post, "through cheap imported drugs, the United States would be able to take advantage of the government levers and regulation that other countries have used to bring down pharmaceutical prices."

Although a drug importation amendment was advanced during the budget resolution vote in the Senate in January, it was rejected, with 13 Democrats voting against it. Four of those who voted against the amendment signed on as co-sponsors of this bill, the article said.

Democratic and independent lawmakers are now asking for support from President Trump, who has repeatedly said that he will do something to rein in rising drug prices.

“The bill lacks sufficient safety controls, would exacerbate threats to public health from counterfeit, adulterated or diverted medicines, and increase the burden on law enforcement to prevent unregulated medicines and other dangerous products from harming consumers,” said Nicole Longo, a spokeswoman for PhRMA.

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