Why the Heparin Story Won't Go Away

Dec. 2, 2008

Questions continue to be raised regarding FDA's handling of the crisis over contaminated heparin earlier in the year. The loudest critic of late has been Texas Rep. Joe Barton, but there have been other skeptics. Earlier this fall, we interviewed Loyola University (Chicago) researcher and heparin expert Dr. Jawed Fareed, who questions the methods that FDA used to reach its conclusions over the exact nature of the contaminant and how it may have impacted patients. Fareed and colleagues continue to do their own investigation.

Clearly, there's more to the picture than meets the eye. For those of you doing your own research, we've been following the heparin saga all year and have compiled all key heparin-related news, opinions, and reporting into one Heparin Resource Center, and will continue to add content as the story further plays out.


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