A Whole New Use for Twitter

April 10, 2009

Everyone, including Colbert and Jon Stewart, likes to take pot shots at Twitter.


Everyone, including Colbert and Jon Stewart, likes to take pot shots at Twitter.

It's not difficult for some of us in the early Gen X or late Boomer demographic groups to laugh at many Web 2.0 concepts, which seem no essentially self-focused and narcissistic.   ZZZZZZZ  (But wait.  Did someone say 'narcissistic?' Recent research shows that Boomers are becoming top social media users. Our own Generation Y editor, Michele Vaccarello Wagner, wrote about this in her last Digital Insights Column. Click here to read about Late Bloomer Boomers)

Like everyone else, our publications and company have formed some kind of connection to Twitter (click here for ours). But, once Twitter goes beyond the me-focused applications, it can be a powerful medium for sharing information in unusual ways----one team of neurosurgeons from Henry Ford Hospital recently broadcast brain surgery via tweets, posting the video on YouTube.  Here's the link. 

What a fantastic way to share information.  Imagine a drug discovery or development team doing this, or a manufacturing team sharing information on optimizing some process bottleneck that increased manufacturing costs, and hence consumer drug prices (fat chance there).

Now, a protestant church in New York has found a whole new use for the medium, to broadcast something ancient and sacred to Christians throughout the world, and, perhaps, make it more relevant to a new generation.  For a link to the Passion in tweets, click here.

Whatever your denomination, wishing you a happy spring.


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