Flowmeters Benefit From Silicon Advances

Oct. 29, 2003
Digital Signal Processing Improves Measurement Accuracy, Stability and Reliability
While the fundamental principles of flowmeter technology have not changed much over the past several years, advances in digital signal processing technology allow today's flowmeters to perform with greater accurately, stability, reliability and to overcome longstanding limitations of established technologies.

For example, new versions of Coriolis mass flowmeters now claim the ability to measure two-phase flows and to measure viscosity directly. Ultrasonic flowmeters, which now include multiple paths to provide a far more accurate measurement, are enjoying an application renaissance.

And even the lowly pressure transmitter, which remains perhaps the most widely used flow measurement device, has benefited from silicon advances. "The strongest case for the continued popularity of the pressure transmitter as a measurement device for flow and level is its reliability, says Paula Hollywood, senior analyst with Dedham, Mass-based ARC Advisory Group. "The minimal long-term drift of the current generation of transmitters may make annual calibration a thing of the past, affording users an even greater level of confidence in this age-old technology."

Coriolis Flowmeter Measures Viscosity, Too

Pro-Mass 83 I straight-tube Coriolis flowmeter provides direct viscosity measurement so that mass flow, density, temperature and viscosity can be measured with one meter. Provides tight quality control of cut points and an economical alternative to densitometers (for density measurement).




Magmeter Boasts Unique Sanitary Seal

Variflux 6000 sanitary magmeter features a unique L-shaped sealing ring with a uni-directional trapezoidal lip which, unlike regular O-rings, eliminates the problem of bacteria growth by preventing expansion of the rubber seal into the measuring tube. Ultra-smooth tube liner is made of Teflon-PFA.




Clamp-On Ultrasonic Meter in Weatherproof Enclosure

Model 101WP ultrasonic hybrid flowmeter uses either transit-time or phase-shift mode to measure flows in liquid-filled pipes sized -in. to 360-in. in diameter. Options include a pipewall thickness gauge and single or dual channel configurations.


631-231-3600 x227


Flowmeter Validation Package Eases FDA Audits

Micro Motion Meter Validation Package puts documentation needed for FDA audits at customer's fingertips, managing such parameters as the building number where the meter is located, meter model number, calibration documentation, configuration information and other critical data on the meters to help ease and accelerate the audit process.

Micro Motion


Digital Vortex Meter Measures Low Flows

For stable measurements, Digital Yewflo has a digital signal processing amplifier to analyze vortex waveform spectral components and filter noise from signals. It also has an adaptive noise-suppression function and provides vibration immunity for stable, accurate measurements at low flows without any need for start-up tuning.




Digital Coriolis Meter Handles Two-Phase Flow

CFT50 Coriolis mass flow transmitter features patented signal processing technology that allows operation during two-phase flow. Capable of performing in batch applications starting with empty flow tube conditions, the CFT50 is designed to control all aspects of the Coriolis meter for precise measurement in traditionally difficult to measure batch pharmaceutical processing applications.

Invensys Foxboro



Non-Intrusive Fluid Detector Protects Pumps

Clear Line fluid detector mounts directly into existing pipelines between two standard 150-lb, flat-faced flanges. Without interfering with product flow, it uses RF admittance technology to detect when material is present or absent from a pipe. Relay contacts (5A DPDT) can be used to activate an alarm or switch off a pump.

Ametek Drexelbrook



Thermal Dispersion Switches Work for Flow or Level

Available in 3A-approved versions for sanity applications, Thermatel thermal dispersion switches are compact units used to detect either liquid level or flow. Optional self-test feature allows testing without removing the instrument from the pipe or vessel.




Weir-Style Diaphragm Valve Family

GSI series diaphragm valves feature Kwik-Clamp and TS series sanitary clamp and tube butt weld end connections. Series includes sterile access valves, close-coupled branch valves, tee-pattern valves, and point-of-use valves that feature a compact, patented design that eliminates deadleg areas and provides an end-to-end width that is identical to an ASME BPE 180 elbow.





Sensor Detects Low Gas, Liquid Flows

Well-suited to pulsing or periodic flows, these in-line flow sensors provide rapid response and can monitor changes as low as 5 ml/min (0.001 GPM). Solid state device has no moving or intrusive parts that could break off or freeze up over time, eliminating repair costs to pumps and other expensive items.




Batch Flow Controller Features Local Display

Model 8035 digital flow batch controller is designed for neutral and aggressive solid-free liquids. Available with a unique quarter-turn lock-fitting system and sizes ranging from 1/2 to 2 inches, the batch meter features a local flow display with seven pre-programmable batch points, two totalizers, overrun correction plus two dosing modes (manual or remote).




Non-Intrusive Flow Switch Is Easy to Install

NuTec Model FS2000L in-line thermal flow switches are available in advanced non-intrusive thermal mass flow sensor configurations with a 10 Ra surface finish suitable for use in high purity and sanitary media. Easy to install and virtually maintenance-free, the device can be mounted vertically or horizontally.




Gas Mass Flow Controller Responds Rapidly

Developed with the aid of micro-machining and thin-film technologies, "ultra-miniature" thermal flow sensor is capable of 2 millisecond response time at the chip level. Symmetrical design affords measurement of reverse flows.


866-736-7671 http://www.yamatakeusa.com/Digital MFC Preprogrammed for Common Gases

Smart-Trak digital mass flow controller features pilot module interface used to change gases and other critical parameters in the field. Unit microprocessor is programmed for ten gases that are commonly used in biotech, pharmaceutical, analytical, and research applications. Other gases may also be specified to create a custom instrument.

Sierra Instruments



Ultrasonic Meter Accommodates Wide Range of Pressures

Flowsic 600 ultrasonic gas flowmeter measures the volume flow rate, actual accumulated volume, gas velocity or velocity of sound in gases over wide range of pressures. Calibration with ambient air can cut calibration costs by up to 90%.

Sick Maihaik



Magmeter Designed to Handle SIP/CIP Cycles

Rosemount 8721 sanitary magnetic flowmeter is specifically designed for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications that require a reliable, safe, and hygienic design in accordance with 3A and EHEDG standards. The flow tube is CIP/SIP cleanable, and the inside diameter matches the process piping to eliminate hard-to-clean step changes.

Emerson Process Management


High Accuracy Turbine Meters for Clean Liquids

Sanitary turbine flowmeters provide 0.5% volumetric accuracy and are available in -in. through 3-in. lines sizes, covering flow rates from 0.35 to 650 GPM.

Hoffer Flow Controls

800-628-4584 www.hofferflow.com

Guidance System Improves Ultrasonic Meter Accuracy

Sitrans F US ultrasonic flowmeter features a new helix-shaped ultrasonic signal well-suited for the measurement of electrically conductive and non-conductive liquids. This patented sound guidance system significantly increases the reliability of the speed profile sampling in the flowmeter's measuring pipe and provide a reliable measurement regardless of low flow rates, low nominal bores, high viscosity, or turbulence.

Siemens Energy & Automation