Interphex Booth Previews

Feb. 1, 2004

Training in Fluid Bed Systems

Booth 1489 "Find out more about Applied Chemical Technology's spring seminar, April 20 to 21, 2004, presenting the principles of fluidization, airflow entrainment, spray rates and nozzle configurations. Each principle is discussed in theory and demonstrated in ACT's laboratory.

Fittings Offer Silicone Benefits

Booth 652 "AdvantaPure molded silicone fittings are supplied as assemblies and attach directly to silicone tubing or hose. The fittings eliminate the entrapment and leaks often experienced with conventional fittings, meeting requirements for process validation and inspection.

Ultrapure Filtration Systems

Booth C1511 "PharmaFlow filtration systems from AES Cleanroom Technologies support critical environmental conditions, meeting Standard 209 Class 100 and other U.S. and European standards. System features programmable variable speed drive and deep filter pack offering 40% filter-life improvement.

Sanitary Filters Cleaned in Place

Booth 537A "Allegheny Bradford Corp. is showing the first fully-drainable filter housing that can be cleaned in place (CIP). The new Opti-Clean filter housing eliminates the collection chamber of conventional housings, and incorporates a specially machined, angled cartridge plate that allows for complete drainage.

High Flow, Inert Valve Options

Booth 2563 "Asco Valves, a division of Emerson Industrial Automation, offers a wide range of fluid-control options. Its new Scientific Series 8296/8396 valves are two- and three-way solenoids for use in applications that involve ultrapure fluids at high flows.

High-Performance Cleanroom Doors

Booth 1555 "ASI Technologies, Inc. offers a wide variety of doors for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, among them the CleanSeal high-performance clean environment door system. The doors are easy to clean and operate in either manual or power systems; meet FDA and cGMP requirements while improving productivity and operation efficiency.

Quality Tracking for the Enterprise

Booth 2633 "AssurX demonstrates its CATSWeb zero-client, web-based quality tracking system, which offers 21 CFR 11 compliant quality tracking for the entire enterprise. All quality processes can be combined into a single enterprise-wide solution.

A Wide Range of Packaging Solutions

Booth 445 " Bosch Packaging Technologies offers packaging solutions for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, veterinary and biotechnology applications, including: barrier isolation technology, fillers, washers, depyrogenation tunnels, cappers, and inspection equipment for liquid products as well as thermoformers, checkweighers and cartoners.

High Efficiency HEPA Respirator

Booth 930 "Bullard introduces the PA20 series powered air purifying respirator (PAPR), combining a high efficiency particulate (HEPA) filter with the proven comfort and leading performance of Bullard's hoods and loose fitting facepieces to protect against a wide range of particulate hazards.

Light & View Through One Nozzle

Booth 874 "Pureview lighting system combines a J.M. Canty cold light and Fuseview Tri-Clamp sight glass into one nozzle, reducing the number of needed connections. Use of fiber-optic light pipes improves on conventional, ineffective methods relying on flood lamps.

Flexible Yet Kink-Free Hose

Booth 2337 "Resistoflex, a Crane Co., demonstrates its new Twister CRC hose, which is designed to set new standards of flexibility and kink resistance while still offering performance of a convoluted Teflon liner, reinforcing wire and special EPDM cover.

Flooring For Every Need

Booth 961 " Dur-A-Flex, Inc. offers a wide range of epoxy, methyl methacrylate (MMA) and urethane seamless flooring systems and components that meet FDA, USDA and OSHA requirements. Benefits include durability and easy maintenance for every part of a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

Validated Cleaning Solutions

Booth 1645 "Validated cleaning programs from Ecolab include a broad range of effective sanitation chemicals supported by a complete validation program, analytical and microbial services for analysis, and an integrated equipment offering with custom-engineered CIP systems and controls.

SmartPlant for Potent Compounds

Booth C2410 "SmartPlant-PC is the latest API synthesis plant from Engineered Technologies Corp. The modular systems are designed to allow customers to safely, dispense, charge, sample, filter and dry potent compounds.

Coriolis Meter Handles Entrained Gas

Booth 1221 "The CFT50 digital Coriolis mass flowmeter from Invensys Foxboro provides an accurate measurement whether your process has entrained air, goes from liquid to gas and back again, or requires that you start from an empty tank, minimizing costly rework and product losses.

Pilot & Production Freeze-Dryers

Booth D411 "Quantum series of pilot and production-scale freeze-dryers from FTS Systems/Kinetics Thermal Systems is available with 6 to 450 sq. ft. in shelf surface. Fully 21 CFR 11-compliant controls are complemented by optional CIP/SIP, LN2, full system redundancy.

Instrumentation That Covers All Bases

Booth 2360 "Hach Ultra Analytics, Inc. offers a number of solutions for pharmaceutical applications: Anatel analyzers for measuring TOC concentrations; Met One and HIAC devices for measuring particulates, and Orbisphere analyzers for measuring ozone levels in water treatment and headspace oxygen in packaging.

Manage Processes, Businesses & Assets

Booth 698 "Experion PKS (Process Knowledge System) is Honeywell's single system platform for process, business and asset management. Key benefits of facility-wide connectivity include improved plant uptime, reduced plant lifecycle costs and increased operational effectiveness.

Full Range of Aqueous Cleaners

Booth C2117 "International Products Corp. offers a full line of aqueous cleaners (including Micro-90), formulated to remove biological contaminants, oil, wax, fine particles and many other soils from glass, metal, plastic, gemstone and other surfaces.

Biopharm Fittings, Manifolds & More

Booth 2363 "MKS Instruments demonstrates a full line of ASME BPE-compliant buttweld and clamp fittings, precision-manufactured heaters, standard and custom filter housings, manifolds and other process equipment for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Integrated Platform for Compliance

Booth E108 "Pilgrim Software's SmartSolve is a web-based, fully integrated solution for managing regulatory compliance activities such as correcting and preventing nonconformances, streamlining document processes, enforcing SOPs, and more.

Calibration Compliance

Booths E-146 and C-1819 "Prime Technologies, Inc. offers ProCal V5, a complete solution for calibration compliance that can interface with documenting calibrators. Features include 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and links to third-party CMMS software, as well as paperless data-transfer.

Specialty Silicones and Polymers

Booth 1255 "Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corp. offers molded and extruded silicones and engineered polymers that meet the needs of the biopharmaceutical manufacturers, including SaniTech, Tygon, PureFit, PharMed, PharmaPure, SaniPure, BarbLock and Versilic brands.

A More Efficient Dust Collector

Booth 2379 "-Scientific Dust Collectors debuts a new, higher efficiency cleaning system for the pharmaceutical industry. Patented dust-collection solutions for today's tablet-pressing, packing, silo-venting, weighing, mixing and conveying applications can help eliminate contamination and downtime.

Tracking the Audit Process

Booth 2541 "Audit Manager software, now available as part of Sparta System's TrackWise product suite, allows users to create and execute report templates to facilitate audit data collection and sharing, and to make it easier to generate reports and documentation.

Custom Valves for Pharma

Booth 2629 "Pro-Spec, for "Process-Specific," is a new SVF Flow Controls program designed to provide engineers with access to a complete range of engineering expertise. Engineers are invited to discuss specific technical challenges that may be solved through the custom valve materials and designs.

Process Vessels for Biopharm

Booth 2084 "The TerraPharma family of process vessels from Terracon Corp. has been developed specifically for the biopharmaceutical industry. These cone-bottomed vessels are made of FDA-compliant polypropylene resin, meet USP Class VI standards, and range in capacities range from 50 to 1,500 liters.

Hand-Held Measures Dewpoints

Booth 867 "The DM70 hand-held dewpoint meter from Vaisala offers excellent stability, rapid response time and +/- 2 degree C accuracy to -50 degree C. It is well suited for industrial spot-checking applications such as compressed air lines and plastic molding processes.

Solid-Dosage Processing Equipment

Booth 1673 "Full line of solid-dosage processing equipment and associated customer support services from Vector Corp. ranges from laboratory units to pilot-size and fully automated production systems. Coating pans, fluid beds, high-shear granulators and roller compactors are among the offerings.

Mix Materials in Fully Sealed Bags

Booth 773 "New from Wave Biotech, the Wave Mixer is the first device designed to mix materials in completely sealed bags, ensuring effective mixing in sterile operation. Scalable from 50 to 500 liters, the mixers have been used in cGMP media and buffer prep areas, as well as thawing and pooling applications.