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Feb. 1, 2004
New Tools for Instrumentation and Control, Information Management, Process Operations and Facilities and Support

Process Control and Instrumentation

Wireless System Offers Real-Time Monitoring

This manufacturer's industrial wireless instrumentation is tailored for the process industries and has recently been certified by FM Global as being safe for use in hazardous environments rated Class I, II, III--both Division 1, Groups A-G and Division 2, Groups A-D, F and G. Currently, pharmaceutical companies are using the systems to measure temperature in real-time, in dryers and mixers, the company says. However, the systems can also be used to measure flow, pressure and other variables. The platform includes an RTD temperature, thermocouple, acoustic monitor, gauge pressure, absolute pressure, milli-amp and voltage field units, a compact base radio for communication with deployed field units and connection with control systems, and software for monitoring, data acquisition, reporting and network management.

Accutech, Inc. 401-245-8500

Portable HMIs Now Easier to Set Up

With this manufacturer's ViewAnyWhere platform, users of portable human-machine interfaces can reduce cost of ownership through faster setup and changeover, by preloading RS View Machine Edition 3.1 HMI software to Allen-Bradley's MobilView machine terminals and guard terminals. With the new software, users won't need to install and maintain a separate server for HMI software access, the manufacturer says, streamlining designs and halving implementation costs.

RSView ME is an HMI application development software that allows operators to monitor and control individual machines or small processes. It is often used with MobileView terminals " portable HMI devices designed to help users control their machines from remote locations.

Previously, RSView ME was available only for computers running the Windows 2000 OS. As a result, users had to connect MobileView terminals, which are based on the Windows CE platform, to another server to run RSView ME. That server is no longer necessary; the distributed MobileView HMI can now run the software, the company says. However, operating companies can still use the central-server architecture if they prefer.

Rockwell Automation

800.223.5354, Ext. 1680

Flow Meter Cuts Calibration Costs by 90%

The Flowsic 600 Ultrasonic Gas Flow is the first meter of its kind that can operate under high and ambient pressures, its manufacturer says. As a result, the device can be calibrated with ambient air, cutting calibration costs by up to 90%. The Flowsic 600 measures the actual volume flow rate, actual accumulated volume, gas velocity or velocity of sound in gases with high measurement accuracy over wide measuring ranges.

Special materials allow the device to be used in a wide range of operating temperatures, and make the flow meter especially suitable for flows with high dynamics. The device has no moving parts, offers a wide measuring range and bi-directional measurement, and is non-intrusive, its manufacturer says.

Sick Maihak, Inc. 952-829-4816

Mass Flow Meters Offer Sensitivity at Low Cost

This manufacturer has introduced CMOSens EcoLine, a new generation of mass flowmeters using patented CMOSens technology. Each meter can measure from 0 to 100 l/min, a range that, in the past, would require several different traditional flowmeters, the company says. Permitting these advances is a new process that fuses a thermal sensor element with readout circuitry to a semiconductor chip. The EcoLine presents an accuracy of down to 3% of the measured value over the entire range of 2.5 to 100% of the flow range. The digital output can deliver the measurement data with a speed of 5 ms, the company says. A digital readout delivers data via an RS-232/SPI interface. The supply voltage can vary between 7 and 18 VDC.

Sensirion AG 011-41-1-306-4000

Measure Particle Size, Zeta Potential And MW With One Device

The Zetasizer combines the best technologies for the measurement of particle size, zeta potential and molecular weight of nano-sized particles and molecules, from 0.6 jnm to 6 microns in diameter, its manufacturer says. The device includes the first fully-disposable cell for zeta potential measurement, eliminating the risk of contamination. The device features the MPT-2 autotitrator, which allows it to make multi-parameter measurements using less than 5 ml of sample. Applications include crystallization, protein and colloid analysis.

Malvern Instruments 508-480-0200

Durable Thermocouple Can Increase Uptime

Watcouple, a new thermocouple, offers more accurate measurement and exhibits less drift than traditional Type K thermocouples, its manufacturer says. Using Alloy 600 and nickel-silicon, the device lasts three times longer than traditional Type K devices and is four times as accurate, the company claims. It is even more accurate than Class A RTDs at temperatures above 100 degrees C, according to Watlow.

Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co.



Use Ultrasonics to Characterize Emulsions and Suspensions

High-resolution ultrasonic spectroscopy can be used to analyze industrial emulsions and suspensions, allowing users to identify key changes in compound behavior, such as changes in some emulsions after thermal activity, which can lead to phase separation. The technique offers advantages compared with DSC, microscopy, light scattering, turbidity and viscometry, this instrument vendor says, since it can follow the destabilization of an emulsion without a change in enthalpy. The technique can also measure the exact point of destabilization, changes in structure before destabilization and can measure stability over time and temperature ranges. A technical note describing the technology's application can be obtained as a PDF from the manufacturer's website.

Ultrasonic Scientific Ltd.


This Detector Specializes in Chiral Analysis

The SFC Chiral Analysis System uses a circular dichroism detector optimized for high-sensitivity analysis of chiral compounds. The system provides the delivery of supercritical fluids at low flow rates, resulting in superior resolution, and eliminates the environmental concerns associated with organic solvents.

Jasco 800-333-5272

Information Management

Facility Manager Offers Hand-Held Paperless Solution

FacilityManager 2.4 is designed to be used with Palm Pilots, Windows-based Pocket PCs, or other hand-held devices, offering a paperless solution allowing facility personnel to plan, schedule and track maintenance management activities including resources, materials, labor hours and costs. "Using Palms or Pocket PCs easily allows facility managers to record inspection data at the checkpoint, and later upload that information to central databases for quick reference or analysis," says Chip Rumis, vice president and general manager for the device's manufacturer.

The software features data transfer capabilities that allow users to exchange data between other software databases including Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel, or asset management and accounting software. It also allows work orders to be generated for both scheduled and unscheduled work. New capabilities include customizable report logs, a flexible yet powerful report writer, new formats, including PDF, for exporting reports, improved WAN functionality, and a new Quick Inspection mode, allowing a "pass" or "fail" entry.

Tiscor 800-227-6379

Process Operations

Specialty Valves Perform in High-Purity Processes

Designed for such demanding applications as ultrapure water and chemical planarization, the Dymatrix product line includes high-purity pinch, multiport and surface-mount valves, pressure regulators and flow controllers. PV Series Pinch Valves provide an extended cycle life of over 2 million cycles, eliminating stress, while the MPV multiport valves use a straight-through design to minimize pressure loss, maintain high Cv values and allow for stress-free slurry operation.

Asahi America 877-24-ASAHI

Valve Won't Break or Damage Capsules or Pills

The Roto-Tab valve has been designed to prevent it from breaking or damaging capsules or tablets during operation. The valve's rotating dome closes smoothly and gently, its manufacture says, slowing the flow of pills to a trickle. The device's elastomer seal then expands, using compressed air, gently trapping the incoming pills against the dome. The flow of capsules or tables is thus shut off without breakage or damage. A pressure regulator assures that minimum force is exerted against the tablets.

Roto-Disc Co.


Sterile Visual Flow Indicators

These sterile visual flow indicators provide operators with a clear view of the flow of virtually any process fluid or powder. They also feature an internal-flush design that meets FDA and 3A specifications, utilizing an O-ring design that minimizes traps where bacteria can grow. Polished stainless steel connections include sanitary clamp as standard with butt weld and flange also available.

L.J. Star Inc.


Outsource Work Involving Potent Chemicals

This company now offers a new high potency compound manufacturing facility in North Brunswick, N.J. This facility features an isolator designed to handle highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients with Occupational Exposure Limits as low as 100 ng/m3. The isolator can perform all unit operations needed for cGMP kilo-scale manufacturing of highly potent APIs in a contained environment. The isolator includes a "high bay" section to handle a variety of reactions up to 150-L scale, and includes a separate section for solids handling. The facility will be operated under a slight negative pressure to ensure containment.

Cambrex Corp.


A Lower Energy Alternative to Hammermills

The Model 6.5 Gran-U-Lizer is said to achieve new levels of size reduction uniformity and repeatability on all pharmaceutical dry-grinding applications. Unlike traditional hammermilling and attrition grinders, the "6.5" utilizes a low-energy, low-dust, roller-style grinding technology to produce superior product uniformity with no screening requirements. The device features interchangeable rolls, independent speed adjustment and infinite roll-gap adjustment, and offers ultimate size uniformity from 50 to 2,000 micron. Stainless-steel construction meets GMP requirements and numerous options are available to suit individual processing requirements.

Modern Process Equipment, Inc.


Rare Earth Magnets Improve Separations

This manufacturer's Wet Drum Separators are now available with Erium 3000 Rare Earth magnets, which can remove extremely fine or weakly magnetic contaminants from dense materials. The separators can reduce downtime and increase productivity, their manufacturer says.

Eriez Magnetics Inc.


Facilities & Support

Hangers Minimize Dust Contamination

New pipe and tubing hangers are designed for ultrapure processing environments. Using a rounded geometry without sharp corners or edges, they conform to the design principles of BPE-2002, eliminating flat areas where dust or debris can accumulate. The hangers are compatible with pitched pipe runs in that hanger length is made to order or can be adjusted by the user in the field. They are made from stainless steel with a standard 35 Ra finish.



Reusable Containers Can Take RFID Tags

This manufacturer is offering RFID tags on its Ship Shape line of reuseable bulk containers. Once RFID-enabled, the containers permit speedy movement through the supply chain. The sacks can accommodate up to 1,500 lbs, and nest five to seven high when empty. They can nest or stack even higher in storage, the manufacturer says. Both two- and four-way entry models are offered.

Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.


Camera For Machine Vision and Microscopy Use

The IK-TU51 3CCD, 10-Bit Digital Signal Processing camera is said to be ideal for machine vision, microscopy, broadcast and other quality-sensitive applications. It provides digital and RGB analog output, plus offers the flexibility of interchangeable 1/2-inch or 1/3-inch remote heads. The device is its manufacturer's first three-chip remote-head camera. Significant new features include IT Exwave HAD CCD technology, 800-line resolution, six vector color enhancement circuitry, and one or two-pulse triggers.

Toshiba Corp.


O-Rings Meet FDA, USP and ISO Requirements

This manufacturer now offers a full line of o-rings in 24 formulated elastomer materials that comply with FDA standards for rubber compounding with non-toxic and non-carcinogenic ingredients. Seal compounds made from these ingredients, and which also pass FDA extraction tests, are said to fully meet FDA requirements established in 21 CFR 177.2600. The company also offers O-rings meeting ISO 6149 metric tube fitting requirements, designed to minimize leaks by stopping the proliferation of port connection designs.

Parker Hannifin Seal Group


Filters Meet Stringent Air-Quality Standards

Microguard 99 filters are available in both HEPA and ULPA form for demanding pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. The filters offer efficiencies of 99.97%, 99.99% and 99.999% efficiencies on 0.3 microns. A wide variety of cell-side materials are available, including wood, steel and aluminum.

Airguard 513-539-0008

Coupling Bodies Offer Flexibility and Security

A new set of panel mount coupling bodies for the APC product line offer increased flexibility and more mounting options, their manufacturer says. Previously, APC coupling bodies could only be attached to pipe ends or tubing that extended out from equipment. Unless equipment already had piping, coupling connections had to be made in-line. Depending on the application, in-line tubing could be inconvenient. The new panel mount coupling body enables tubing to be easily connected and disconnected from a panel during use and maintenance. The company offers 14 different configurations, both valved and non-valved.

Colder Products Co. 866-671-9165

Cover Maintains Product Integrity During Separations

A new sanitary flat cover, the Wave Cover, is available for this manufacturers round separators--those 40 in. in diameter and larger. The Wave Cover traps liquid and dust inside the unit to keep particulates from contaminating the surrounding work environment. The cover features a ribbed design that is said to increase ruggedness, durability, and operating life. Although it works with any style round separator, the Wave Cover works especially well in low-profile separators where headroom is an important consideration.

Sweco Corp.