Product Showcase and Marketplace

Aug. 11, 2004
POWDER SHOWCASEFlow-Smasher Crusher/Lump BreakerThe FLOW-SMASHER Crusher is a heavy-duty, high-torque, high-capacity crushing machine designed to reduce large chunks of friable materials to a consistent, free-flowing size , preventing line blockages and making downstream operations more efficient The FLOW-SMASHER is available in most materials of construction and with numerous design options, including polished, sanitary designs, and in standard sizes from 8" x 8" to 48" x 48". Atlantic Coast Crushers, Inc.    908-259-9292 http://www.gocrushers.comVersatility in Particle SizingBeckman Coulter's LS 13 320 Series Particle Size Analyzer provides optimal versatility and sophisticated laser diffraction particle-size analysis, resulting in unsurpassed accuracy, resolution and reproducibility. The LS 13 320 meets 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO 13320 requirements. To request a new product brochure, please contact Beckman Coulter Inc.Beckman Coulter Inc    (800) 742-2345  Collection, Pneumatic Conveying CatalogDwyer Instruments Inc. has just released a new catalog for dust collection and pneumatic conveying applications. Featured are reverse-pulse jet timer board controllers for continuous and on-demand cleaning; differential pressure switches, gauges and transmitters; and paddle level controls. Please contact us for more information or quote requests .Dwyer Instruments, Inc.            219-879-800http://www.dwyer-inst.comPowder Handling SystemsGlatt is a major supplier of powder handling and processing systems for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. Glatt can supply individual handling components or complete material handling systems, including IBCs, lifting devices, blenders, weighing systems, as well as process equipment, along with all controls and integration planning and engineering. All of Glatt's material handling components and systems are built to the highest cGMP and performance standards. Glatt Air Techniques Inc.          201-825-8700         Free CD about Magnets and Metal DetectorsPurify product, protect processing equipment and ensure quality: IMI's CD-ROM contains literature, catalogs, application images and technical information. Users will also find contact information, links to order online and a Web site for up-to-date information about all IMI products, events and more. Industrial Magnetics Inc.           800-668-4638 Measurement of Bulk MaterialsDiscover the MM710, an intelligent, high-speed, accurate gauge for online measurement of moisture and other organics in bulk materials. We also offer Powder-Vision, which provides moisture and other key constituent measurements of powder in enclosed ducting or pneumatic conveying systems. NDC Infrared Engineering        626-960-3300 up With Industrial ScalesThink there is nothing better than 10,000-digit resolution? Think again! Move up-scale with extended resolution Combics bench and floor scales by Sartorius. Let us show you how by calling one of our representatives on Ext. 8228. Sartorius North America           800-635-2906 http://www.sartonews.comPromote Solids Flow with Vibration and AerationSolimar's Fluidizer aerator releases compressed air through silicone disks mounted on silo bin walls, simultaneously using vibration and aeration to promote solids flow and prevent bridging, rat holing and compacting. The disk, which seals against the wall to keep the air line from becoming plugged, can withstand temperatures up to 350°F. It doesn't wear like fabric pads and resists tearing, hardening and cracking. The aerator can be used with high-pressure, low-volume compressed air or with low-pressure, high-volume blower air. Solimar Pneumatics       800-233-7109 http://www.solimarpneumatics.comEliminate Industrial Static HazardsIf you process potentially explosive powder or handle loose solid materials in flammable atmospheres, you may be exposed to the threat of static-caused fires and explosions. The Cenelectrex range of static grounding and bonding equipment is designed to help eliminate industrial static hazards in all powder handling operations. Internationally approved for use in hazardous areas, applications include: dryers, bulk tankers, pneumatic conveying systems, conductive FIBCs and filling/discharge/handling systems.Stewart R. Browne Manufacturing       770- 993-9600   Screen Pharmaceutical Ingredients VORTI-SIV manufactures several all-stainless steel center and side discharge gyratory sieves. These sanitary-grade units in circular screen diameters from 8 in. to 60 in. are successfully used to security-screen bulk pharmaceutical ingredients for lab, pilot and production processing. All VORTI-SIV models conform to GMP, GAMP and FDA regulations. Optional features include CIP adapters, ultrasonic deblinding systems and vacuum-transfer units. Highlighted is side-discharge model RBF-12 (12 in.-screen diameter) with variable-frequency drive. VORTI-SIV     (800) 227-7487           http://www.vorti-siv.comContract Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Offers Versatility and RangeHoward Industries Inc. is a leader in the contract pharmaceutical and fine chemical manufacturing industry. Howard's sales, customer support and manufacturing teams combine to offer a full range of specialty services including fine milling, blending, drying, classification and packaging, as well as many other GMP processes. Howard Industries Inc.             800-776-9163 http://www.chemical-processing.comFull Line of Vacuum Cleaning Solutions Nilfisk-Advance America's Nilfisk and CFM vacuums include portable, continuous-duty, and central system models. They are ideal for a range of  applications in cleanrooms, packaging suites, labs, and other areas. The brochure also provides technical information on multi-stage HEPA/ULPA filtration systems and attachments Visit them at Interphex 2004 Booth 838.Nilfisk-Advance America, Inc. 866-745-6756 New Standards for MicrofiltrationPTI Advanced Filtration's microfiltration products, technical support and customer service set new standards for filtrate quality and product reliability by providing solutions best suited for each application. Most cartridges are available, many of them fully validated, with all current styles of end fittings and lengths from 5 to 40 inches. PTI Advanced Filtration            http://www.ptitechnologies.comFor Ultra-Pure Processing, Depend on ABCThe Allegheny Bradford family of specialty companies provides quality equipment and components for hygienic industries. From stainless steel tanks, heat exchangers and filter housings manufactured by Allegheny Bradford Corp., to state-of-the-art mechanical and electropolishing from Allegheny Surface Technology, to Top Line's complete range of process flow control components, wemeet all your ultra-pure equipment needs. Allegheny-Bradford      800-542-0650 http://www.alleghenybradford.comCase history details use of PAS-X at new API plant in GermanyWerum Software & Systems, a worldwide leader in providing manufacturing IT solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, has announced the availability of a booklet relating the installation and operational use of its PAS-X BIOTECH manufacturing execution system (MES) at Boehringer Ingelheim's new active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) plant in Biberach, Germany. Werum Software & Systems     973-257-0808 http://www.werum.comQuality Tooling for TabletingEver since we opened our doors in 1973, we have striven to build a reputation of quality, and our dedication to our customers has helped our company grow tremendously. Natoli's quality and service have set new standards in the tableting industry. Our punches, dies and other tools begin with the highest quality materials, and our experienced craftsmen deliver tools that exceed industry standards. Natoli Engineering         636-926-8900 http://www.natoli.comFree CAD LibrarySVF Flow Controls has developed an innovative engineering tool that supports specifiers and users of their full range of ball valves, actuators and controls. CAD Now! is a fully configurable CAD database that allows the user to download/insert drawings in 2D and 3D formats into all of the most popular CAD programs. CAD Now! is available FREE in CD format by contacting SVF or may be used online at Flow Controls, Inc.          800-783-7836http://www.SVF.netReliability,Traceability for Building AutomationOur website provides invaluable information to help you manage 21 CFR Part 11. Discover how our APOGEEBuilding Automation System delivers a traceable, secure, and reliable information management system, allowing you to integrate third-party systems and create the optimum compliance solution. Get our Pharma Alert newsletter download white papers, or register for a Part 11 seminar.SiemensBuildingTechnologies  847-215-1000 http://www.siemenspart11.comSizing Software for WindowsCashco, Inc., manufacturer of control valves and regulators, introduces Cv Calc, a powerful software program that can run on Windows 95/NT, 98 ME, and TXP platforms. Cv Calc allows users to size control valve and regulator applications in seven easy steps. It will size the application for a generic product size of a specific Cashco product. The software is available on CD free of charge. Cashco, Inc.     785-472-4461http://www.cashco.comAn Automation and Facility Management Leader           Johnson Controls is a global market leader in facility management and controls, as well as automotive systems.  Its Controls Group offers the life sciences industry unique tools to enable regulatory compliance, minimize time to market and reduce operating costs. Johnson Controls          414-524-1200 http://www.johnsoncontrols.comPharmaceutical Vat HandlingFor pharmaceutical applications, American Specialty Equipment manufactures customized Gregory Explosion Proof Trucks, one of which is shown here transporting oversized heavy vats from processing to mixing areas in pharmaceutical facilities. The trucks' stainless steel construction is sanitary and non-corrosive, perfect for pharmaceutical industries' demanding hygienic requirements. American Specialty Equipment 973-882-3190 http://www.exforklifts.comFiltration Systems Meet Ultrapure SpecificationsThe PharmaFlow filtration system provides critical environmental conditions for pharmaceutical and biotech processes, meeting Standard 209 Class 100 and other U.S. and European specifications. The filtration system includes a programmable variable frequency drive that allows it to be integrated into a remote monitoring system.  The device uses a deep filter pack and offers 40% longer filter life than the previous generation of filters. All filters include a DOP port and are easy to validate.AES Cleanroom Technologies  888-AES-CLEANºC Cryogenic Transfer FluidParatherm Corp. has introduced a new alternative to low-temperature silicone-based fluids. Paratherm CR cryogenic-range heat-transfer fluid provides predictable, repeatable performance in cryogenically driven processes. The product is 100% synthetic, and its consistent properties improve productivity while eliminating runaway coil freeze-ups. The product's 10-cP viscosity at -88ºC (20 cP at -96ºC) brings higher efficiency at lower temperatures. Paratherm Corp.           610-941-4900http://www.paratherm.comPowerful CMOS Vision SystemThe Legend 510 SmartImage Camera is the most powerful CMOS vision system on the market today at its price level. The $1,995 price for this fully-functioning complete vision system includes four-day classroom training, online and CD-based training, online diagnostics, and software upgrades. The 510 features full inspection power without reader capabilities. DVT    800-762-6077http://www.dvtsensors.comCase History Video CD for Pharmaceutical IndustryHow are so many companies getting results like 30% reduction in overall implementation time or cost, or 20% increase in production?  See for yourself, as DeltaV system batch users share how they delivered results to their organizations. Built to S88 standards, DeltaV supports compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. Get your free video CD or DVD by visiting Process Management http://www.emersonprocess.comEliminate Risks, Simplify Your Sanitization ProcessWhen sanitization control is critical, dual conductivity measurements from one instrument is the answer! Pharmaceutical and biotech process piping systems require regular Clean-in-Place (CIP) chemical sanitization. A single two-channel Thornton Model 2000 Instrument or multi-channel 770MAX instrument can monitor both CIP and rinse operations using a sanitary sensor in each channel. To learn more, contact us today!Thornton, Mettler-Toledo         800-510-PURE  World Leader in Pumps and CompressorsCombining Thomas Industries Inc. in the U.S. and Werner Rietschel GmbH of Germany, Rietschle Thomas is a world leader in the pump and compressor business, with an emphasis on innovation and service. We currently offer thousands of products, and local service and support in over 40 countries. Adding to that is the combined heritage of over one century serving our customers with innovations in vacuum and pressure technologies. Rietschle-Thomas