Space-Saving Machine Counts, Fills and Caps

April 1, 2004

The latest addition to Romaco's line of Bosspak rotary tablet and capsule counters, the RTC80 measures only 1.4 by 1.74 meters yet incorporates counting, filling and capping functions in a single machine.

In addition to its space-saving footprint, the machine is uniquely suited to sterile tablet and capsule packaging applications, according to Steve Diangelis, director of print, packaging and security sales for the Swiss company, with U.S. offices in Pompton Plains, N.J.

Previously, one might have needed a counter, a desiccant or cotton inserter, capper, as well as all the conveyers in between, Diangelis explains. "The RTC80 takes all those pieces of equipment and puts them in one machine."

With a capacity of up to 60 100-count bottles per minute, the unit achieves speeds previously only achieved with mechanical slat counters with the flexibility and control of an electronic system. The technology is particularly appropriate for products traditionally viewed as difficult to handle, such as caplets and soft gels.

The counting principle is based on turret-mounted rotating sorting disks with pockets around the rim to ensure positive location of each tablet or capsule. As the disks rotate, products are collected from the hopper and held in place until they reach the lowest point of rotation where they are released into the counting head in a single stream. The innovative counting head features a unique 'quad count' optical matrix, which detects tablets or capsules around four sides as compared with the typical dual matrix array, contributing to greater accuracy and improved capability to detect incomplete products.

In terms of cGMP, the machine boasts a number of significant features. First, motorized adjustment of the central turret gives excellent access for cleaning at the end of each batch. An automatic discharge function ensures that each starwheel and count head can be completely cleared of product to aid line clearance and an optional air purging system ensures that count heads remain clear of product residue throughout. The ejection station is located at the front of the machine for easy access and high visibility.

Product format parameters can be stored and recalled via a touch screen control panel, ensuring fast and accurate set-up; the panel features one-touch control for each machine function and confirmation feedback for torque setting.

Further options include cap inspection and foil detection, reject verification, connections for modem and printer, plus torque spindle monitoring and empty bottle detection. For more information, call 973-616-0440 or visit