The Future of the Labor Market?

June 11, 2007
The future of the labor market seems a hazy one with constant talk of outsourcing and labor shortages vs. labor surplus. Two opposing forecasts are highlighted in "The Globalization of White-Collar Work" and "Labor Market Imbalances: Shortages, or Surpluses, or Fish Stories?"

Duke University's Arie Lewin, BAH vice president Vinay Couto, and Mahadeva Mani in "The Globalization of White-Collar Work" believes offshoring is evolving from a cost-saving tactic into a workforce management strategy with the significant long-term ramifications of job shortages, etc. To view this white paper click here.

Harvard's Richard B. Freeman argues that forces of globalization associated with the doubling of the global work force will trump demographic developments associated with slower population growth in determining supply/demand balances in the labor market. To view this white paper click here.