IFPAC 2008 Marketing Opportunities

Jan. 15, 2008

Have your marketing message reach a much broader, qualified audience of key decisionmakers within the pharmaceutical industry.  Online and post-show coverage will bring IFPAC 2008 to those who couldn't attend, as well as those who want to know what was going on in the other sessions.  Same or next day coverage of show highlights will take your marketing message directly to the desktops of pharma's qualified buyers.

Included will be:

  • Plenary Session video coverage
  • Futurecast Interviews:  Emil Ciurczak will speak with Ajaz Hussain, Martin Warman, and FDA's Moheb Nasr and Janet Woodcock
  • Interviews with Conference Chairs and Key Speakers, including :

         Jim Cheney of Novartis
         David Radspinner of Thermo
         Rick Cooley of Dionex
         Carl Anderson of Duquesne
         Mel Koch of CPAT
         Richard Godec of GE
         Ingrid Maes of Siemens

  • Coverage of key presentations from all tracks
  • Product demos and detailed technical data

 Sponsorship Options:

$1,000   - Product Link
$2,000 -  Basic Sponsorship includes Banner, Link and Product Writeup 
$3,000   -  Banner, Link, Product Writeup plus Digital Product Demo
$5,000   -  White Paper, Product Demo, Bundled Sponsorship of upcoming PAT Audio and Webcast programs*
$10,000 -  Full package plus three-month Knowledge Centers on PharmaManufacturing.com and KnowPharma.com.    
$20,000 - Full package plus six-month Knowledge Centers on PM and KP.com

*Upcoming PAT Programs

  • Course on QbD and Instrumentation
  • Integrating Instrumentation and Sensors for Pharmaceutical Quality by Design

Do you really understand what Quality by Design means, and how process analytics fits in to your operations?  This modular, online course will cover conceptual issues, but focus on implementation and integration, discussing specific technologies and how they can be applied.  Each 40-minute module will discuss specific issues and provide detailed examples and illustrations.

Module 1. QbD - Analyzing in the GMP sense vs. Predicting in the PAT sense
Module 2  What's Critical to Quality:  Determining What to Monitor, Survey or Predict
Module 3  Understanding The Design Space, Design of Experiments and What They Mean: Three Pharma Examples
Module 4  Overview of NIR, IR and MS
Module 5  Other Imaging and Sensing Techniques
Module 6  Modeling and Data Manipulation

Sponsorship: $2,500

Where possible and relevant, instructors would include illustrations and discussion of generic technology aligned with sponsors' technology.

Audio program

PAT Talk - QbD, Analytics and Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Maybe you can develop process knowledge without "technology," but sensors and analytics are critical to defining the Design Space in any pharma Quality by Design program.  Confused about where QbD and analytics connect, where they fit in and what they can do for your drug development and manufacturing operations? 

Tune in and ask the questions you need to have answered, in real or close to real time. 

In this monthly, 35-minute  audio program, hosts Jack Carroll and Emil Ciurczak will entertain live questions,  interview thought leaders within the pharmaceutical industry, and solve a different "puzzler" every time.

Sponsorships are available: $1,000 per spot.

An example of a Knowledge Center: