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July 14, 2008

I remember watching Sandra Bullock’s 1995 psychological thriller, “The Net,” and being terrified of the Internet revolution. I had convinced myself that only government special agents should have Internet capabilities, and if “the Net” ever went completely public, we would all be in serious trouble.

But the Internet age has now become a social norm. We’ve all learned to count on the ability to share information and experiences on the Net, in a heartbeat. The power of the Net to communicate globally is unmatched, whether you are in Mumbai checking email at an Internet kiosk or at the Magic Kingdom Business Center surfing the web while your children fly Space Mountain for the 37th time.

As we strive to improve our digital media capabilities, with the help of Scott Babcock, our trusty multimedia producer, our editors were able to get video interviews, articles and product information from the 2008 IFPAC show in Baltimore to readers almost immediately.

Through “the Net” we were able to deliver same-day video coverage to your virtual mailbox including:

You can also find web-exclusive IFPAC articles such as:

As nice as it would be to jet around the world for trade shows, conferences and meetings, we know you are busy. We’ll bring you full coverage of “all the places we’ll go” in the future on our site as well as on our blog, OnPharma.

Make sure to sign up for our newsletters — if you haven’t already — to be included on any special daily newsletters from trade shows. RSS feeds are also a great way to be alerted to new web material without spending hours clicking around. We are always looking for new content ideas and ways to improve the site.

Feel free to send us a quick email letting us know how your Web user experience is going. We want to bring you as much information as quickly as we can to help in your daily professions. The Net makes it possible… with or without Sandra Bullock.

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Michele Vaccarello | Managing Editor