Because This Isn't Hogwarts…

July 14, 2008

I am embarrassed to admit I am a fan of the Harry Potter books and movies. A relatively big fan. I may or may not have actually named my new puppy Harry Potter. But one of my favorite things about the wizard world is their newspaper, The Daily Prophet. In the recent movies, this newspaper becomes 3-D while photos and authors can jump out of the page to speak in person.

As exciting as that would be for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, magic is apparently not allowed in the Muggle world. While we unfortunately cannot offer you all of our resources in a print format, we can offer you With webcasts, podcasts, blogs, and videos constantly being created, we can bring information to you more quickly, and in an interactive design.

I encourage you to register for our RSS feeds so you will know immediately when new content is posted to our site. Often our print articles are enhanced with accompanying podcasts or audio interviews on our website. On the left navigation bar of our homepage you will see an orange RSS box. This tool will give you the option to subscribe to real-time alerts on any new white papers, products, articles, videos or industry news items that are posted to the site via your favorite web browser or search engine.

We want to ensure that you are receiving the full pharma treatment. One of our most recent web-exclusive posts is “PAT Talk.” In this pilot, taped at the 2008 IFPAC show, Cadrai partners and spectroscopy and analytics experts Jack Carroll and Emil Ciurczak talk about PAT, QbD, and process analytics in an entertaining “Car Talk” format.

This program will soon become an interactive, call-in format and be featured monthly. Hosts Carroll and Ciurczak will entertain live questions, interview thought leaders within the pharmaceutical industry, and solve a different “puzzler” every time. These segments are designed for industry professionals who may be confused about where QbD and analytics connect, where they fit in and what those approaches can do for their drug development and manufacturing operations.

We will also be featuring coverage from Pittcon 2008 in New Orleans as well as Interphex 2008 in Philadelphia. Our editors will be filing audio reports from the show floor to bring you up-to-the-minute interviews and product information. I also encourage you to get involved and let us know how the site is working for you.

Is there something you want to see more or less of? Are certain articles or white papers more helpful to you than others? E-mail us, post a comment on our blog, or even send a message with an owl. This is your site too, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the information you need and want.

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Michele Vaccarello | Managing Editor