Gatorade and Ketchup Do Not a Meal Make

July 14, 2008

A shopping cart filled with purple Gatorade and koala-shaped cookies is usually what I end up with in the checkout line when my original trip was meant for a gallon of milk. I am an impulse shopper when I hit the grocery store. I am a sucker for pyramids of ketchup bottles and interesting displays of fruit drinks. If it jumps out at me, it usually comes home with me, and by that point I have forgotten why I even made the trip at all.

The same holds true when I surf the web. I tend to get distracted by the initial stories that pop from the home pages. I spend my time clicking around the first layer of the site, and by then, I have abandoned my original purpose for visiting. I forget that items that may have appeared only days before on the homepage are now archived into their proper web portals and can make my research easier. This is also the case for

Our homepage is where you can find the most up-to-the-minute postings. Our featured articles pave the way for a homepage filled with the latest and greatest site highlights, white papers, breaking industry news, products and multimedia. But when they are replaced, they are still accessible via our archives.

You can search by topic: Process Operations, Automation & Control, Finishing & Packaging, Facilities & Support, Contract Services and Industry Developments. You can search by Resource Library: Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, Process Analytical Technology and Track and Trace.

You can search through our blogs for editor discussion and commentary on hot industry topics, and of course, by content type or keyword. Some of our most popular content which recently appeared on our homepage but can now be found filed within our site:

We are in the process of posting interviews, videos, and new articles from the 2008 Interphex conference and show on a web landing page. We will have new PAT modules with Jack Carroll and Emil Ciurczak, interviews with PAT experts David Radspinner and Justin Neway, interviews with the 2008 Facility of the Year Award winners, and much more.

Although they will be featured for a brief time on our homepage, they will be archived and accessible via search anytime for your review. We encourage you to be an impulse homepage clicker, but make sure you shop around our archives for the additional information and research you need so you don’t go back home with just a bottle of ketchup. Any suggestions, comments or constructive criticism are always welcome.

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Michele Vaccarello | Managing Editor