Digital Insights: You’ve Got Mail...and Your Car is Being Towed

Sept. 15, 2008
Your professional life just got a little bit easier.
You’ve Got Mail. Not only an amazing Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks chick flick (I can use this term because I am female), but a phrasing of words that started a digital revolution.

We now get email alerts for everything in our daily lives . . . or at least I do. “You’ve Got Mail.” “Your photos have been printed.” “Your movies are overdue.” “Your flight is delayed.” “Your street is being cleaned and your car is most likely being towed.” “Your puppy has been groomed, is ready for pick-up and is currently licking all the furniture in our waiting room.” I like to think that email alerts make my world go round. They have become a digital scheduling and organization system that reminds me to stay on task and keep abreast of new changes and information.

With alerts being sent for nearly every daily function, we can only hope that our Pharma Email Alerts can provide the same ease of use and a similar presentation of new information. We know you’re all busy professionals so it is the least we can do to provide the best of our digital web content to your electronic doorstep.

Our Pharmaceutical Manufacturing E-News newsletters are delivered every other Thursday with a compilation of hot new articles, videos, breaking news, blog highlights, white papers, products and events from our web portal to help you keep up to date on industry changes and technical issues.

Our Process Analytical Technology Insider newsletter is delivered once a month and provides updates on the ongoing development and application of process analytical technology (PAT) to the manufacture of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products, as well as ongoing regulatory developments, technologies such as analytical instrumentation and chemometric methods, as well as process automation technologies.

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing MultiMedia Alerts will notify you of the latest podcasts, webcasts, video clips and other multimedia content that have been added to the website. This on-demand content is available to registered members at no charge and may be downloaded immediately.

Our White Paper Alerts will also provide you notification of the latest white papers and research reports free of charge.

(And, if you haven’t heard, we’ll be launching our PharmaQbD web site in October, and you can sign up for the bi-monthly PharmaQbD E-news on

We encourage you to view samples of our newsletters and try them on for size. You may opt out of any email alert at any time. As always, feedback is welcome.

Please visit{encrypt_rdrnum}@&p=pme070726 to sign up for your customized alerts. “Your professional life just got that much easier.”

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Michele Vaccarello | Digital Managing Editor