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Oct. 23, 2008
We’re committed to keeping you engaged
I am getting married in November. At this point last year, I was pretty confident there was no difference between off-white and ivory and I could never have imagined there might be more than, say, ten bridal magazines to choose from . . . let alone 500. As I have spent this past year up to my garters in floral centerpieces, gift registries and assorted bridesmaid drama I have come to rely on one magazine website in the massive, unbridled wedding industry. (If you’d like to know which one, email me—but please, after the wedding!) Here I know I can find up-to-the-minute wedding trends, first-hand interviews with vendors and fresh ideas and advice that the rest of the brides out there may not have gotten to yet.

Within the pharmaceutical industry, we want to be your go-to source and most-trusted website—your professional, online significant other. There is comfort in knowing that one site can provide you with current, relevant information and best practices to help you in your career or area of interest.

This month on the web you can find exclusive interviews, such as:

  • Wyeth’s Charlie Portwood: Focus on QbD Before ICH Q8-10
  • Moheb Nasr on Heparin’s Lessons
  • Darrell Abernathy: USP Tests to be Updated
  • Dr. Jawed Fareed: A Heparin Skeptic Remains
  • Tunnell’s Jamie Velez: Are You Crisis-Proof?
  • Podcast: Adam Fein on Why California (Still) Matters
  • Podcast: Siemens’ Maryanne Steidinger on Where MES is Headed in Pharma
  • Video: Dr. Prabir Basu of NIPTE on Education & Training

And you can find exclusive webcasts such as:

  • The Perfect Plant for Compliant Manufacturing: Enabling Superior Operations Performance in the Life Sciences Industry
  • What You Need to Know About E-Pedigree and Serialization to Keep Your Processes and Brands Safe

And on our On Pharma Community Blog ( you can find our editors’ original stories and analysis such as:

  • BioPlan’s Eric Langer on Cell Culture Capacity
  • California Green Chemistry Law: Is Arnold OverREACHing?
  • FDA Walks the Walk On Ranbaxy Quality Issues

We are constantly seeking out industry experts for the latest developments, technology and insight and making this information available to you on the web— we like to think it’s the perfect marriage of articles, news items, opinion pieces, videos, podcasts, etc. Any relationship relies on two-way communication. Please let us know what you need and would like to see on our site, and send any comments or article ideas our way. We’re committed to keeping you engaged.

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