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Dec. 30, 2008
We’re redesigning our site to make it more useful. Please let us know which features you’d most like to see, what works or doesn’t.

When I was young, my sister and I would start our wish lists to the North Pole circa August. By December our lists had been filled with everything we could possibly imagine: Barbies, puzzles, a tea party with Minnie Mouse, a playroom made out of trampolines, and five puppies named Buttercup. These requests, although a bit outrageous and near impossible, helped my parents get an idea of the latest toys and books available and what we might need to help stimulate our minds in the upcoming year. is getting a holiday gift of our own this year: a site redesign. Over the next several months we will be creating a holiday list of what has been working and what hasn’t, of what features are the most helpful to pharmaceutical professionals, what new tools and technologies we need to incorporate in the future and who has been naughty and nice . . . well, OK, we’re not going that far.

Our new site redesign will allow for more technical information, more multimedia, a more expansive pharmaceutical manufacturing Career Center, and much more. But, as we incorporate what we’ve learned about our site in the past and what we need for our site in the future, we want to make sure we are meeting everything on YOUR holiday list.

How are you using our site, and the web in general? Do you utilize social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, and would a social networking feature within the industry be helpful to you?

Do you use our RSS feeds and email alert system? Are you finding our New Product portal helpful? You don’t have to leave us milk and cookies, but please send your suggestions on how you are using the web and what features and formats you would like to see on our new site, and we will do our best to address your needs in our new redesign.

Jobs and Careers

And as you browse the web to compile your wish list and/or find the latest online holiday deals, be sure to check out our brand new Job portal. Through the portal, you can search for new career opportunities specifically tailored to your area of specialty within the pharmaceutical manufacturing world.

You can also create an anonymous career profile, so that potential employers may begin pitching you job opportunities, and sign-up for email notifications of new jobs that match your search preferences.

You won’t have to dig through pages of unrelated job postings, saving you the added stress of the job search.

Our job portal will also provide relevant career articles and expert advice to help you stay current in your job. Happy Shopping!

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Michele Vaccarello | Digital Managing Editor