On-Demand: Ensuring Pharmaceutical Product & Process Quality with Spectrometric Methods

Aug. 6, 2012
More than 20 on-demand webcast presentations from industry experts and leading solutions providers. NIR, Raman and Particle Characterization technologies and applications that are improving pharmaceutical product and process quality.

Today's pharmaceutical industry professionals are becoming increasingly interested in technologies that allow them to gain immediate insight into formerly intractable problems such as:

•    Surface quality for finished dosage forms
•    Distinguishing between one polymorph and another of the same crystalline material
•    Size and shape during granulation, mixing and other processes need to be known in real-time
•    Materials identification and qualification
•    Quality of coatings
•    Pre-formulation interactions and stability testing

Which technologies work best for each type of problem? What are the limitations of each technique, where do they overlap and complement each other? How can they be combined and used with other techniques to achieve the best results?

On-Demand Webcasts: NIR: Ensuring Pharmaceutical Product & Process Quality With NIR    
Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy has become widely used in pharmaceutical process analytical technology (PAT) and imaging applications. In this session, you hear from experts who are using NIR successfully to monitor and improve pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processes online and in real time.

Watch Now: Ensuring Pharmaceutical Product & Process Quality with NIR presentations

  • Benoit Igne, Duquesne University: Using NIR for real-time monitoring of pharmaceutical tablet coating
  • Florian Eigenmann, Bruker Optics: Using an Advanced PAT Solution for Real Time Release of Tablets – the Tandem III 
  • Professor Rodolfo Romañach of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez: Advances in NIR Spectroscopy in Continuous Mixing of a Pharmaceutical Formulation
  • Dean Stuart, Technical Specialist, Thermo Scientific: Handheld NIR Spectroscopy for Qualitative & Quantitative Raw Material Identification
  • Ralf Marbach, Chief Research Scientist at VTT Optical Instruments Center, with Ghent University: Science Based Calibration for Determining the API in Low Dose Tablets by Transmission NIRS
  • Gabor J Kemeny, Middleton Research: Hyperspectral Imaging in Formulation Development and as a Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
  • Gary Ritchie, President, Council for NIR Spectroscopy: New Directions in NIR Spectroscopy 

On-Demand Webcasts: Raman: Ensuring Pharmaceutical Product & Process Quality With Raman
Ease and speed of use have made Raman more indispensable for pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. This session will describe applications in biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and present an overview of chemometric and calibration model transfer.

Watch Now: Ensuring Pharmaceutical Product & Process Quality with Raman Presentations

  • John Kauffman, FDA: A review of chemometric methods for Raman, analyzing the trade off between  the time required for method development and sensitivity. Transfer of calibration methods will also be addressed.
  • Enrique Lozano, B&W Tek: Efficient and Cost-Effective Material Verification with Handheld Raman
  • Juuti Mikko, VTT: Monitoring the structure of freeze dried virus vectors with Raman spectroscopy, and endpoint moisture with NIR
  • DeltaNu, a business unit of Intevac Photonics: Enabling 100% Raw Material Testing with Handheld Raman
  • Thomas De Beer, University of Ghent: Applying Raman for in-process monitoring of pharmaceuticals
  • Dean Stuart, Technical Specialist, Thermo Scientific: Evolution of Handheld Raman Spectroscopy for Material Identification in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Howard Mark: Chemometrics Update 

On-Demand Webcasts: Ensuring Pharmaceutical Product & Process Quality:  Particle Characterization & Imaging
Properties such as bioavailability and onset of action are intimately linked to particle size. Whether it is a matter of characterizing a process intermediate or a finished product, the ability to measure particle size accurately and consistently over time is of the essence. In this session, experts discuss options for particle characterization, as well as PAT implementations using imaging to improve understanding of solid dosage forms and dissolution.

Watch Now: Ensuring Pharmaceutical Product & Process Quality with Particle Characterization & Imaging Presentations:

  • Niels Ryde, NR Consulting: Apples to apples: Ensuring the comparability of particle characterization data, and adjusting for differences between different platforms. Niels was formerly the Principal Scientist at Elan Pharmaceutial.
  • Dr. P.J. Cullen of Dublin Institute of Technology: PAT for Particle Characterization of Granulation, Milling and Spheronizing Processes
  • James Burke, Alkermes: Applying imaging to improve particle characterization in solid dosage form manufacturing
  • Dr. Linda H Kidder and Dr. E.Neil Lewis, Malvern Instruments: Combining Raman Microscopy with Particle Size and Shape Analysis: Solving Problems in Pharma
  • Dr. Arwa S El Hagrasy, Purdue University: At-line/In-line Monitoring of Granule Size Using a 3D Particle Characterizer
NIR Presentations Sponsored by: Bruker, Thermo Scientific, Innopharma Labs, Malvern, DeltaNu, and BW Tek