Mixing and Blending the Perfect Cocktail

March 18, 2013
Many mixers on the market can perform different tasks, but certain products are necessary to meet specific requirements
Complete Discharge Capability
amixon has developed ComDisc, which is said to provide discharge of up to 99.99% of mixed goods. The lower mixer arm is fitted with one or more “wings.” During mixing, the wings ride behind the mixer arm and in the shadow of the mixer flow. As the filling level decreases, ComDisc wings rotate toward the mixer floor and gently move the mixture residues toward the outlet without touching the floor of the mixer. ComDisc is not only available for new mixers, but can also be retrofitted to existing machines.
www.amixonusa.com • 901-794-9480
Handles Tough Mixing Problems
Inversina high-performance blender from BioComponents is designed for powder and bulk solids. Using 3-D inversion kinematics, the product achieves excellent results — even for tough mixing problems, such as mixing powders of different specific weight or achieving uniform distribution of a highly potent compound and a substrate. Applications include drug formulation, QA/QC, sample preparation and solid dose drugs manufacturing with cGMP. Inversina comes in sizes from laboratory to production scale.
www.inversina.com • 781-672-2620
New Agitator Blade Design
Ross offers a new agitator blade design for its line of Double Planetary Mixers. Pictured is a 100-gallon model equipped with two identical rectangular stirrers with upward rake fingers. Designed to rotate on their own axes while orbiting the vessel on a common axis, these blades are ideal for batching dry powder blends, wet granulations and similar formulations. Interchangeable helical blades are optional. The NEMA 4X control panel shown here includes a 6-inch color touch screen linked to a 30HP Variable Frequency Drive. Available in industrial and sanitary configurations, the Double Planetary Mixer is built from half-pint to 750-gallon capacities.
www.mixers.com • 800-243-7677
Sanitary Mixer Encased in Stainless Steel
For a mixer specifically designed for pharmaceutical, biotech and other uses requiring cGMP standards, check out the Sanitary Mixer from Cole-Parmer. It features a compact, sanitary design with a 180-grit finish for wetted surfaces. The mixer is encased in a stainless-steel or aluminum body and offers dual-sealed radial precision roller bearings for excellent shaft support. Select from three drive types. 
www.ColeParmer.com • 800-323-4340
Integrated Agitation Controls
DCI’s Pharmix top entering agitators are designed for demanding mixing applications for any industry. Benefits include: all stainless-steel drives, versatile drive motor mounting configurations and unlimited impeller availability. Robust shaft designs can run in free air for CIP and low-level mixing (stabilizing rings are eliminated). It features advanced in-vessel hygienic coupling for use with extended shafts and larger diameter impellers; integrated agitation controls can be on-board or remotely mounted.
www.dciinc.com • 320-252-8200
Minimizes Clumping and Blockage
EMD Millipore offers Mobius MIX 1000 and Powder Delivery System for mixing pharmaceutical ingredients and preparing solutions. The system — which utilizes integrated, single-use powder delivery, mixing and filtration technology — provides manufacturers increased flexibility and decreased process/validation time and contamination risk. The container features a butterfly valve for controlled addition of solutes. Its asymmetric design enhances powder delivery by minimizing clumping and blockage. The washdown “spraybar” in the powder delivery container ensures that residual powder is removed. Sampling ports are integrated into the containers.
Designed for Small Spaces
Pope Scientific compact Series 700 Mixer is designed for applications requiring pressurization and/or vacuum, high/low temperatures, chemical resistance, high power and ruggedness, and where space is limited or the process vessel is small. The unit is engineered for critical use in fine high purity chemical, pharma and food applications, as well as CIP/SIP. Options include interchangeable motor types, shafts and impellers. The company also provides custom, application-specific designs.
www.popeinc.com • 262-268-9300 
Provides Predictable Scale-up Accuracy
According to Silverson, its Verso In-Line Laboratory mixer is a product of 60+ years of mixing experience and countless hours of scale-up research. This bench top in-line mixer bridges the gap between laboratory and full-scale pharmaceutical production, providing predictable scale-up accuracy. The Verso also allows reliable forecasting of the performance of larger Silverson In-Line mixers under full-scale conditions.
www.silverson.com • 413-0525-4825
Wide Range of Configurations
SPX’s Nettco S-Series sanitary mixer by Lightnin is available in a wide range of mixing and mounting configurations that utilize a modular assembly design. Designed for pharma and other industries, it can be converted from one mounting arrangement to another, such as a clamp-on, open tank or sealed mixer design in less than two minutes. The mixer has a stainless-steel design with direct and gear options that provide a full range of shaft speeds. It is for new or existing tank sizes from 100 to 20,000 liters.
www.spx.com • 704-752-4400
Specially Designed Agitators and Impellers
Custom mixing tanks from Terracon are designed for fluid mixing or the dissolution of solids. Molded from polyethylene or polypropylene, the tanks employ an automated drive assembly with specially designed agitators and impellers that reduce clumping or inadequate agitation of materials. Safety issues are addressed through many options, including funnels and fume hoods. Tanks are available in capacities up to 1,000 liters and can be configured for top or bottom entry, with a fixed base, mobile cart, or stainless-steel or non-metallic stands. 
Upstream and Downstream Mixing Applications
Xcellerex offers its XDUO Quad single-use mixing system supporting single-use biomanufacturing in upstream and downstream mixing applications and unit operations. It handles the mixing of buffer, media, product and other process fluids. The mixer integrates with existing biomanufacturing production lines as well as with the Xcellerex FlexFactory, a modular biomanufacturing platform. This is the first mixer available with all instrumentation and automation features integrated as a stand-alone single-use mixing platform, the company says. The system comes in 50-, 100-, 200-, 500- and 1,000-liter volumes and stainless-steel or jacketed stainless-steel tanks.
www.Xcellerex.com • 508-480-9235
Published in the March 2013 issue of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
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