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Feb. 2, 2015
Redesigned is the New Skinny

Every January millions of Americans hit the gym, in search of healthier, more active versions of themselves. They are looking for a change — and change, for the most part, is good.

Where technology is concerned, change is often necessary. That’s why our design team, programmers and editorial staff have worked behind the scenes for the last six months to re-imagine PharmaManufacturing.com.

We were tasked with creating a new navigation system as well as a new layout for the home page to put all the important content right at your fingertips. The result is a dramatically different, content-driven site. However, once you’ve become familiar with the redesign, we expect you’ll find it even better for fulfilling your pharma manufacturing needs.

For now, here’s a quick primer on how to navigate the new site:
Starting from the top you’ll see a black navigation bar. This houses six important links, including a link to our Resource Directory, where you can search through listings of key products and services for your business. Also included on the black nav bar is a link to our IT Resources Library, where you will find powerful tools for navigating the challenges and the tremendous possibilities of the pharmaceutical information landscape.

Just below the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing logo you will find our “Super Nav bar,” which, as you might have heard, is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Hover over any of the six categories there — Production, Development, IT, Compliance, Quality & Risk, Facilities and Sector— to get a more detailed breakout of each section. Hovering over any element of this granular menu shows the most recent stories, and clicking on the topic will produce a list of numerous pieces of associated content.

Throughout the home page you’ll see several modules of content. All your old favorites are still there, including breaking industry news, insightful articles, our exclusive educational Fundamentals library, informative white papers and, of course, the Funny Pharm cartoon caption contest. The recently renovated Ask the Expert section provides an opportunity to browse frequently asked industry questions and answers, as well as pose your own questions to our expert panel. We’ve also added some new modules to help you sort through all our great content. Top Stories, Most Recent and Most Popular feeds will let you know what’s most pressing, most current and most read by your peers.

The last new feature I’d like to point out is our super footer. It lives on the bottom of every page and offers an easy “road map” for our website. In case of panic, head to the super footer.

If you haven’t already, I invite you to click around our new site and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Enjoy the new look…no sweating, jogging or fad diets required.

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Karen Langhauser | Digital Content Manager