[Infographic] Impact of machine failure in pharma plants

Nov. 22, 2021
Recent survey reveals gaps in pharma’s maintenance and reliability programs

It is truly an exciting time to be in the pharma sector. But as pharma sits on the precipice of great advances, the industry is also facing great challenges.

A recent industry survey conducted by Pharma Manufacturing and Augury confirmed that supply chain disruptions, the workforce skills gap and capacity constraints are still top industry pain points. In this complex sea of obstacles, zeroing in on the right initiatives that make the largest impact is crucial to meeting goals. For pharma manufacturers, one area that touches all of these challenges is plant machinery. When machines fail or underperform, productivity slows, workers become frustrated, delivery dates are missed, and supply chains suffer.

The right asset maintenance and reliability strategy can move the needle for pharma manufacturers, helping them resolve major machine pain points without a lot of heavy lifting. To that end, our survey took a deep dive into the state of machine maintenance and reliability in pharma plants to uncover the true scope of failure and what that means for the industry.