Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.

Aug. 2, 2004

Tamper-Evident System Protects Regulated Materials Against Unauthorized Access

This manufacturer has unveiled a tamper-evident security system on its U.N. certified, all plastic Unitote intermediate bulk containers.  The new system is designed to prevent unauthorized access, safeguarding raw materials and pharmaceuticals.  The security system features a polyethylene door set into the pallet base, and locked with a steel bolt to block access to the discharge assembly.  It can accommodate standard padlocks and plastic or metal security seals, providing immediate evidence of unathorized access.  For instant container identification, the system can be customized with permanent, molded in company logos, tracking numbers and color-coordinated information on the locking door. The new system is offered on both the 275- and 330-gal Unitotes, which are rotationally molded of polyethylene in one seamless piece, to accommodate products with specific gravity ratings of up to 1.9.