Aquionics Inc.

Dec. 2, 2004
Compact UV Device Disinfects Pharma Water
Aquionics has introduced the Quantum in-line, medium-pressure UV system. This compact, low-cost disinfection device allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet the stringent standards for purity required by regulatory bodies, such as the FDA, in small flow process water applications (up to 520 gpm). The Quantum uses medium-pressure UV technology to disinfect pharmaceutical process water, destroying virtually all microorganisms, including bacteria, yeasts, molds, and viruses, without affecting product stability, taste, color, or odor. A radical new design positions the UV lamp at a 25o angle to the flow in order to maximize contact time. This in-line design minimizes head loss and achieves optimum disinfection by ensuring all the fluid passing through the chamber receives the minimum required UV dose. In addition, the angled lamp design lowers the power per unit length to extend UV lamp life. The system is compatible with standard sterilization methods such as steam and can also be used to remove excess ozone.The Quantum’s local control unit provides continuous monitoring of UV dose, displaying UV intensity, alarm status and an hours-run counter. This unit can be positioned in wet areas, adjacent to the UV chamber, while the power unit can be located up to 300 feet away in a dry area. System options include a manual UV lamp wiper and auto-bleed facilities. The compact in-line design simplifies installation as the chamber can typically be mounted within existing pipe work with minimal disruption to the plant. Routine maintenance is low and lamp replacement can be performed quickly and easily by plant personnel.