Cognex Corp.

Sept. 22, 2004
Industrial ID Readers in Hand-Held and Fixed Mount Forms
This manufacturer has introduced a new suite of world-class industrial ID readers. The new products include two hand-held readers and a fixed-mount reader that run IDMaxTM - a breakthrough in Data Matrix reading software based on Cognex's patented technology. These readers set a new industry standard, delivering the most robust and reliable decoding available for part-level traceability applications. The DataMan 6400 and DataMan 6500 hand-held readers, and the In-Sight 5110 fixed-mount reader, all combine high-speed processing with optimized lighting, optics, and software for fast, accurate decoding of the most challenging 1D and 2D codes. The DataMan 6400 is designed for reading codes produced by laser and ink jet marking. The DataMan 6500 reads very low contrast codes formed by electrochemical etching and dot peen marking, in addition to laser and ink jet marks. The In-Sight 5110 supports ISO mark quality metrics for real-time 1D and 2D code verification at mark and read stations. A graphical user interface, specifically designed for ID reading, makes deployment fast and easy, and the Ethernet interface simplifies communications with other devices on the factory network.