Tagsys USA

Aug. 2, 2004
Tagsys Triples Production of Folio RFID Tags

Tagsys, a leading supplier of global RFID solutions for item-level tracking and authentication, has acquired high-performance tag assembly equipment that will allow the company to increase its Folio tag production capacity by over 300%.

The company's new assembly machine uses a flip-chip process that the company says, will enable mass production of the flattest possible tag profile. Both HF and UFH tag production on this new equipment is beginning in August, and will increase output to over 60 million Folio RFID tages per year.

"With the installation of this new assembly line, we have had to put in place an extensive set of quality procedures, to enable us to continue to deliver the most reliable products to our customers while increasing our production throuput threefold, said Alastair McArthur, Tagsys' Chief Technology Officer.