Varian, Inc.

Sept. 14, 2004
Clean Dissolution Vessels on the Go
Responding to manufacturers’ needs for a fast, effective method for cleaning dissolution vessels, this manufacturer has introduced the VK 905. The system can be rolled from station to station to clean vessels in place – without removing them from the dissolution tester, saving time and reducing vessel breakage. The device features a cleaning head designed to fit securely over any standard vessel, making it compatible with most brands of dissolution testers. Its washing ball utilizes a revolving action and high pressure stream to wash vessel interiors. The VK 905 comes pre-programmed with a set cleaning cycle. Difficult samples are easily removed by adding cleaning agents and using the heating capabilities bringing the cleaning fluid to 500 C. Built-in level sensors simplify filling the cleaning reservoir. Spent media flows away from your dissolution tester into a reservior in the base of the wash station. Level sensors safe guard from overfilling or spills. To discard spent media, an evacuation hose is provided that can be placed in any appropriate sink drain to permanently remove waste.