Nov. 16, 2004
Integrated System Tags Cases and Cartons

NJM/CLI introduces the RFID Integrated Model 400 System, which enables packagers to quickly and easily meet supplier demand for RFID tagged cases and cartons.  The system reliably encodes, verifies and applies RFID tags at speeds up to 30 cases/cartons per minute.

NJM/CLI integrates a Zebra RFID printer and verification scanner with the NJM/CLI Model 400 Print & Apply Labeler, modified to automatically remove bad tags/labels prior to label application on products.  The system includes an optional ancillary RFID antenna and reader, which maximizes versatility by allowing the system to write to tags outside the primary RFID printer and to enable special tag placement on the labels as needed for custom applications.  A downstream reader/verifier confirms the applied tags are correct.  NJM/CLI can configure the RFID system for different communication compatibilities, including Ethernet connectivity, to achieve interactivity with upstream and downstream equipment.

The anchor of the RFID Integrated Model 400 System is NJM/CLI’s field-proven Model 400 Print & Apply Labeler, a rugged machine with top quality components designed to withstand the most challenging 24/7 production environments.  The standard system achieves vertical and horizontal labeling and optional tooling is available for side, corner wrap and two-panel labeling.