Pall Corp.

Oct. 6, 2004
Multifunctional Filter Enhances Bioburden Reduction, Saves Inventory

Pall Corp. has introduced an enhanced bioburden reduction filter that combines three technologies to filter a broad range of biopharmaceutical fillers and buffers more economically.

The Supro UEAV 0.2-micron filter shows increased filter service life. It also protects sterilizing grade filters and other sensitive downstream processing equipment such as tangential flow filtration and chromatography systems, Pall says.

It includes three advanced technologies:

  • an asymmetric Supor Mach V membrane structure with controlled pores from 3 to 0.2 microns, which provides high solids retention capacity;
  • a new deep-pleated Ultipleate construction, which provides surface area of over 1 m2 per 10 in. (254 millimeters) module, resulting in high flow rates. The previous limit was 0.6 m2 per 10-in. module;
  • a PES material, ensuring excellent chemical comptability and low nonspecific binding.

The new filter works with a diverse range of fluids including buffers, biologicals, tissue culture media, ophthalmics and cell culture supernatants, and can be used in biotech, blood and vaccine applications. Disposable configurations are also available.