Tagsys Inc.

Nov. 16, 2004
Low-Frequency RFID Tag Makes Its Debut

Tagsys, Inc., Doylestown, Pa., has been engaged in a pilot program to test the efficacy of its ARIO SDM (Small Disc Module), a proprietary 13.56MHz RFID pharmaceutical and medical application-specific tag.

With a diameter of 8.9mm, the diminutive ARIO SDM marks the beginning of an entirely new generation of tags that will undoubtedly be used for item-level security and tracking & tracing assets through a pharmaceutical or medical supply chain.

Embedded in the ARIO SDM is an electronic chip that contains a unique serial number as well as ample memory space that can be read, modified and protected. In the case of the pilot, the serial number is linked to a database housing critical information on a ARIO tissue sample, including patient data and tissue treatments. This information is read from a distance of only a few inches using a fixed desktop or lightweight hand-held reader.

The chip also has an anti-collision function enabling the simultaneous reading of several tags. This is extremely useful when searching for a specific sample on a tray of 100 tubes. When placed on a reading station, all tags can be read in under 3 seconds, while locating the individual targeted tube. This is a time saver both for lab technicians and researchers alike.

For more information, see the related white paper here.