TechniKrom, Inc.

Nov. 24, 2004
Pilot and Process Synthesizers for Peptides, RNA, DNA

TechniKrom, Inc. recently introduced a line of Pilot and Process Synthesizers and reaction vessels for DNA, RNA and peptide syntheses.

The new synthesizers feature a breakthrough valve configuration for minimized carryover of reagents.  They use a novel ultra-hygienic system flow path and valving enhanced by CFD modeling to minimize reagent carryover. Process monitoring is done using flow, conductivity and UV, and it features backpressure regulation capability as a standard feature.  The software is intuitive and allows for quick creation of even the longest synthesis methods, and is fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.  Each synthesizer is delivered with a full IQ/OQ package and GAMP-4 software validation is available as an option.  Each synthesizer is custom designed and fabricated in accordance with UL, ATEX, and ASME guidelines, and specifically built to meet user requirements.

The new reaction vessels are based on dynamic axial compression solid phase flow-through reactions.  They permit fully adjustable bed lengths and are available with diameters from 5cm to >1m. A unique flow distribution design ensures minimum use of reagents, minimum carryover and uniform and consistent reaction across the entire bed support, especially for short resin bed heights.

TechniKrom also designs and manufactures a wide range of high, medium and low pressure chromatography skids and columns incorporating patent-pending Adaptive PAT for down stream recovery of both specialty chemicals and biopharmaceuticals.