Cole-Parmer Instrument Company

Oct. 24, 2004
Batch Control Drum Pump Systems Engineered for Small Storage Vessels
Cole-Parmer Instrument Company now offers a line of batch control drum pumps engineered to control, measure and dispense fluids from drums, tanks, and small storage vessels. These complete systems incorporate a batch control meter to accurately deliver a desired volume of fluid. This configuration prevents direct contact with corrosive chemicals while controlling exact amounts of expensive fluids, thereby reducing the amount of fluid wasted.Polypropylene and PVDF construction materials provide reliable chemical compatibility with a wide variety of fluids. Variable-speed motor generates flow rates up to 25 GPM. Pump tubes are available in lengths of either 39" or 47"; optional barrel adapter, strainer, wall mounting bracket, and dispensing nozzle with six feet of hose are also available.