Flexicon America Inc.

Nov. 24, 2004
Automatic Sterile Filling and Capping System Boosts Production Capacity
Flexicon America Inc. has introduced the Danish designed and manufactured FMB210 monobloc vial filling and capping machine that enables pharmaceutical and biotech filling operations to achieve a 50% increase in output capacity with maximum flexibility within minimum floor space requirements.The Flexicon FMB210 monobloc system is specially designed for filling vials, insertion of lyophilisation or injection plugs, and overseal capping of aluminum caps. With an output of up to 85 units per minute, the FMB210 is ideal for sterile filling of liquid volumes between 0.1 and 100 ml with an accuracy of +/-1%. Flexicon fillers are ideal for clinical trials, small batch production and filling of shear sensitive products.The peristaltic design of the FMB210 offers an extremely high savings value since product change and clean-up is as simple as changing the medical grade silicone tubing. In addition, since the tubing is removed and changed after the production of each batch, there is a 100% security against product cross contamination.All format parts are mounted by finger screws to permit fast, easy, machine clean-up. An operator is able to complete a format change in approximately 15 minutes. Major cost savings are realized by reducing production downtime and eliminating the involvement of dedicated machine technicians.For maximum performance, the FMB210 offers individual optimization of each function with automatic synchronization. A color touch screen on the control box selects the desired function from up to 30 stored recipes.An optional integrated class 100 Laminar Air Flow (LAF) unit is available, and can be extended to cover the out-feed area to provide optimal product protection for lyophilization applications.The Flexicon FMB210 liquid filling system meets GMP standards for aseptic filling and is an ideal investment for filling demands between semi-automatic filling and fully automatic high-speed lines.