Flexicon America Inc.

July 19, 2004
Dispenser Simplifies Cleaning Validation, Cuts Costs
A new peristaltic pump technology in Flexicon's Liquid Filling Technology offers 100% security against product cross-contamination between production runs, Flexicon says. It also allows product changeovers and validation to be accomplished in less than five minutes. For each new production batch, a new sterile disposable tubing fluid path is used, so that product comes in contact only with the disposable tubing and filling needle.Pump heads on the system have been designed to provide consistently accurate fills of +/-0.5% or better. A single pump head can fill from 0.1 to 250 ml, depending on the tube size diameter selected.Simplicity and faster product changeover makes the technology suitable for pilot lot manufacturing, but the dispensers are also finding use in large-scale filling operations that need to accommodate frequent product changeovers.The full Flexicon product range includes automatic filling and capping systems, semi-automatic liquid filling, positive displacement filling, bottle handling and bottle capping equipment; production control, peristaltic liquid filling, cream and oil filling and in-line filling and capping systems.