Nov. 24, 2004
Vacuumizing-Gassing Systems Extend Product Shelf Life
The Terlet V-G system may be used to increase the shelf life of various types of products such as baby formula, powdered milk, nutraceuticals and other powdered products.In just one process step, up to 99.5% of the air is pumped out. The vacuum created in this way is maintained for a short time, long enough to bring the remaining oxygen content within the product to an absolute minimum (<1%), and then a slight overpressure is built up with inert gas. After that, the vacuum chamber opens and the products are transported to the sealing machine without any sliding, jerking or bumping of the containers.The systems are user-friendly, handle many different types of packaging containers, and in addition to clear menu-controlled operation and simple adjustment methods, the vacuum gassing equipment of Terlet also distinguishes itself by the use of high quality materials and components whose maintenance, repair and replacement will not be a problem anywhere they are installed around the world.These systems offer high output, simple and east to expand modular design, excellent process results, low inert gas consumption, and are operated in batch or continuous operation, simple to install and easy to operate and maintain.