Malvern Instruments Ltd.

April 24, 2004
Applications Notes Discuss Three-in-One Particle Characterization System
A series of downloadable notes describing applications of the Malvern Zetasizer Nano system in the characterization of polymers, proteins and other biomaterial is available on the Malvern Instruments website. These can be accessed via, or visitors can go directly to the Zetasizer Nano areas using’s Zetasizer Nano measures particle size, zeta potential and molecular weight of nano-sized particles and molecules, with all three measurements offered in a single, compact instrument. The Zetasizer Nano simplifies the size measurement and stability characterization of a wide range of disperse systems and molecules in solution.The use of patented NIBS (Non Invasive Back Scatter) technology enables particle size measurement at the high sensitivity necessary for small and poorly scattering molecules, such as proteins and polymers. It also allows measurement at high concentrations of up to 20% w/v, so that samples including emulsions, pigments and toners require little or no dilution. Measuring particle size from 0.6 nm to 6 microns, it requires as little as 12 microliters of sample.Malvern’s M3-PALS technology for zeta potential measurement combines second-generation implementation of Phase Analysis Light Scattering with Malvern’s patented M3 measurement technology. It provides the highest accuracy over a wide range of applications and allows full automation of the measurement process.Measurement of absolute molecular weight using the classical Debye plot is supported by a standard operating procedure that guides the user, and can be completely automated using the new MPT-2 autotitrator.