AutoPak Engineering Corp.

Sept. 14, 2004
Flexible Conveyor for Bottle, Blister and Pouch Applications
This manufacturer will unveil new conveyor technologies at the Pack Expo International, to be held from November 7 through 11 in Chicago at McCormick Place. Highlighted will be the company’s new, modular XE Conveyor, its recently introduced XA Conveyor and other solutions configured for bottle, blister and pouch applications. The XE is a modular solution for transporting liquids or capped packages. Constructed entirely from stainless steel, this open-top conveyor system has a curve radius measuring approximately 6 feet, saving a significant amount of floor space. The XA features a sanitary, raised chain design, allowing packagers to easily inspect and clean between top and bottom belts. In addition, there are said to be no crevices or holes in the conveyor body where powders or tablets can accumulate, facilitating visual inspections after each lot run. All straight sections of the conveyor feature a liftable chain, further contributing to fast and easy cleanup.