Aug. 2, 2004
New Volumetric Rotary Gear Pump Modules for Liquid Filling

A new volumetric rotary gear pump modules is now available for this manufacturer's FLX 1200 Liquid Filler.  Designed for pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers and contract packaging companies that fill numerous products, the FLX 1200 is modular and offers a vairety of mobile filling pump modules on wheels that can be quickly disconnected and changed over, to maximize production flexibility.

The FLX 1200's new volumetric rotary gear pump modules operate at up to 14 cycles per minute, and achieve a fill accuracy of +/-0.5%.  Three different pump sizes are available, to handle up to six, 12 and 24 liters per minute, per pump.  Pump modules are available in 8-pump and 12-pump configurations, to handle up to 112 cpm and 168 cpm.  The new gear pump modules are said to be ideal for free-flowing liquid and semi-liquid products, and containers ranging in size from 10 mL to 2 L.

In addition to the new volumetric rotary gear pump modules, the manufacturer makes piston and peristaltic pump modules for the FLX 1200.  The piston pump modules accept ball valve pistons from 5 mL to 1 L for syprups, and rotary valves from 5 to 250 mL for semi-viscous creams, as well as liquids and semi-liquids.