Aug. 2, 2004
CATSWeb Version 6.1 is Now Available

Version 6.1 of the CATSWeb Enterprise Quality Tracking System is now available.  The software now features Dynamic Forms, which allow its user interface to adapt and change, dynamically, based on a user's prior inputs.  Typical applications include:

  • Decision trees, in which the form adapts to provide only the fields and choices relevant to the user's prior entries
  • Context-sensitive data entry instructions, diagrams and aids
  • Dynamic pictures allowing viewers to examine a piece of equipment they've just specified to confirm that it is the correct one
  • Data etnry assistance, allowing related information from any system to be incorporated into the user interface while data are being entered
  • Verification of data consistency as information is being entered

Full Text Search allows users to search across all live and archived CATSWeb records, inside attached files into external files and linked information systems such as MES, ERP and CRP,. Search results from all information sources are presented in a single integrated display, sorted by relevance or user-defined criteria. International language support is also available.  Additional features include:

  • Custom authentication mode, enabling login and electronic signature verification, to be performed via LDAP, e-mail
  • Enhanced e-mail integration, allowing users to log or filter outbound messages
  • File Attachment Review, which allows users to scan attachments for viruses or worms, before they enter the CATSWeb system
  • Portable Web Services, which let users move their tailored CATSWeb web services implementation between databases, or share them with other CATSWeb users. Contact the company for a live online demo.