FKI Logistix

Oct. 20, 2004
New Bumpless Case Turner Gently Handles Fragile Product
FKI Logistex® announces the launch of the Alvey® bumpless case turner, designed to gently handle and selectively turn fragile products requiring higher-speed case turning when moving into a palletizing operation. This case turner is available as an upgrade to most of the Alvey palletizer line, including high-speed inline continuous-flow and low-speed row-forming models.By eliminating the impact of conventional case turning methods, the Alvey bumpless case turner provides an ideal solution for the case handling of bottles and other fragile products during palletizing. It is also a solution for operations that require "label-out" or "bar code-out" case turning for retail display.The Alvey bumpless case turner employs patent-pending technology to create a speed differential under the cases that can selectively and accurately generate negative 90, positive 90, 180, and 270 degree case-turns. With a maximum throughput of 72 cases per minute, the Alvey bumpless case turner is a faster, more cost-effective solution than traditional case-turning alternatives such as sequential bump turners, right-angle transfers, and lift-and-turn equipment.Among the Alvey bumpless case turner's features are a patent-pending auto-correct function with two laser sensors to ensure accurate case turning, and a design that is simpler, less expensive, and easier-to-maintain than competing solutions that employ servo motors.For an onsite demonstration of the Alvey bumpless case turner's capabilities and its integration with other Alvey material handling equipment, visit FKI Logistex at booth S-2636 during PackExpo 2004 in Chicago, November 7-11. For sales and marketing information, please contact Jill Raab, marketing communications coordinator, FKI Logistex Manufacturing Systems, by phone at (314) 993-4700 or by e-mail at [email protected].