InteGreyted International

Oct. 7, 2004
Web-Integrated Solution Optimizes EH&S Tasks

IntelligentEHS,® a web-enabled toolkit for managing global environmental health and safety affairs, is now available from InteGreyted International. According to the supplier, nearly 1,000 EHS professionals currently utilize IntelligentEHS to optimize tasks such as strategic planning and resource allocation, communication and training, program implementation, audit/remedy functions, risk evaluation, metrics/measurement and redirection.

A full suite of optional consulting services are available to support the use of IntelligentEHS, including help desk services, on-site or web-based training, configuration and population support, and IntelligentEHS application customization. IntelligentEHS is free of charge to InteGreyted’s consulting customers—no license fees, limits on use or subscriptions charges are required.