Accu-Sort Systems

Sept. 16, 2004
RFID System Sports Enhanced Capabilities
This manufacturer recently added enhancements to its FAST Tag(TM) RFID compliance line. The FAST Tag line is said to be a fully integrated and scalable RFID tag applicator solution to help retail suppliers quickly, reliably and cost-effectively meet RFID compliance mandates.The system's tag reject mechanism is designed to assure customers that only valid tags enter their supply chain. With integrated EPC tag serial number management and the ability to interface with new or existing material handling equipment and IT systems, FAST Tag facilitates meeting compliance tagging requirements. The FAST Tag line has been expanded to include:
  • Support for new RFID capable thermal printers from Zebra, SATO and Datamax
  • Support of inkjet printers from Videojet for non-contact tag printing and coding directly on boxes
  • RFID tag placement on the side, front, back or top of cases
  • The ability to operate in batch mode for consistent product mix
  • Additional RFID statistics including:
  1. tracking the number of non-responding tags per roll
  2. the number of tag encoding errors for low performing tags
  3. the correlation of RFID data to bar codes on the case.