July 19, 2004
New Wireless Gauges Offer Savings of 90% Or More

New wireless differential pressure field devices allow for wireless process monitoring and control instrumentation at savings of 90% or more.  The field devices can be operated in any one of four modes, to transmit differential pressure, orifice flow, open channel flow and level readings at regulat intervals to a control center.
With a transmission range of up to 3,000 feet, batteries that cost $15 and last up to 5 years, these FM approved Class 1 Division 1 gauges open up new possibilities for process plants that seek to add flexible new measurement options.  The 900-MHz units, which do not require ISM licenses, assure security, with frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) communications technology.  They can be more easily installed than traditional gauges, in as littls as one hour, Accutech claims, and can be easily integrated into a process operation's existing controls. The sensors are available in five ranges, from +/- 100 inches H2O, differential to 300 psi differential, all at 2,000 psi maximum static pressure and with an accuracy to +/-0.1%.  A wireless differential pressure field unit and base radio can be purchased for $2,595.