Christ Water Technology

Dec. 2, 2004
Plug-and-Play Water Filtration Plant Is Ready to Connect
Christ Water Technology’s newest filtration plant is well-suited for the pharmaceutical industry’s water needs. The Ultrastil TW system features:
  • High retention rate for particles, germs, bacteria and viruses
  • Use of membranes with a cut-off of 100 – 200 kD as a standard
  • Considerably smaller than systems which use conventional flocculation and filtration
  • Modular design
  • Less work for the operating personnel due to fully automatic operation
The Ultrastil TW complies with the requirements of the drinking-water laws with respect to quality-relevant parameters such as the turbidity and the particle content. It is designed for easy, continuous operation in dead-end or cross-flow mode, depending on the quality of the raw water. Almost 100% of substances and bacteria which cause turbidity are removed. Dissolved substances such as salts are not filtered out. Under normal operating conditions, the Ultrastil TW achieves a water yield of up to 95%.