De Dietrich Process Systems, Inc.

Dec. 10, 2004
Filters Designed to Meet cGMP Requirements
A basic, manual Nutsche filter designed and engineered by De Dietrich Process Systems (DDPS) efficiently handles pilot plant and small batch processing with the same process experience and attention to detail found in the existing line of Rosenmund filter/dryers. The Roman filter is specifically designed for cGMP requirements, being completely suitable for CIP and WIP with no crevices or product hold up areas. All metal surfaces have a standard internal finish of 10-20 Ra microinches and an external finish of 20-30 Ra microinches. The simplified filter plate features a single filtrate outlet nozzle and built to withstand pressure above the filter plate and full vacuum below, thus allowing a greater differential. An innovative filter media clamping system utilizes a unique method for installing the filter media by tightly securing it to create a flat filtration area without dead spaces, thereby preventing product bypass around the seal point. A supplemental backing screen facilitates filtrate cross-flow drainage under the filter media. Pharmaceutical grade O-rings eliminate gasket sealing on the main body flanges to further reduce product entrapment. Designed for continuous use, the Roman filter is geared for quick turnaround between campaigns, with the key focus on cleaning and filter media change-out. A dual flange design with top head and lower body allows for quick and complete access for visual and physical inspection.An innovative cart assembly used for lowering the filter plate and moving the filter from location to location permits the addition of leveling feet to compensate for the pitch of the floor. The cart also minimizes storage requirements since it has been designed to accommodate all the available filter sizes for multiple Roman filters. The compact filters are available in 12”, 18”, 24” or 32” diameter models, with volume ranges from 30 liters (8 gal) to 225 liters (60 gal).