Korsch America

Dec. 16, 2004
Double-sided tablet press is faster, quieter, more versatile
The XL800 double-sided tablet press is engineered for optimum speed and flexibility. Features include:
  • The highest output capability of any double-sided tablet press.

  • An exchangeable turret design, offering 59 (IPD D), 71 (IPT B) and 87 (IPT BB) punch station configurations, that maximizes output for any size tablet. With an internal turret lifting device, the XL800 eliminates the cost and space requirements of an external lifting device.

  • A heavy tonnage capability, featuring 10-ton precompression and 10-ton main compression with Korsch’s patented and proven compression column technology, for the power and versatility to produce any kind of tablet with speed and efficiency.
  • A bi-layer conversion kit that allows for the production of bi-layer tablets and, along with the exchangeable turret design, permits the production of single- and bi-layer tablets of any size on the same machine.

  • An extreme reduction in noise level at all operating speeds, thanks to the patented compression column design and carrier plate technology.

  • Through-the-Wall Technology, another Korsch exclusive, that permits the XL800 to be mounted in a compression room wall to reduce space requirements and allows all service and maintenance to be conducted from outside the room.
  • An optional product containment package, including an isolator and glove port access, to ensure total safety from potent or toxic products.
  • A control system fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, featuring the Allen-Bradley/WonderWare platform and an easy-to-use graphic touch-screen environment.  This proven Korsch system offers password log-in, product recipe, alarm history, and event log capabilities, complemented by a comprehensive validation documentation package.