Mocon, Inc.

Dec. 16, 2004
High-speed capsule weigher/sorter saves money
The Vericap Model 4000 from Mocon, Inc. provides high-speed capsule weighing and sorting at significant cost savings to competitive models.The unit is positioned as the fastest, easiest-to-use, easiest to maintain, capsule weighing/sorting system in the world. The Vericap 4000 features a single-weight sensor that re-zeros itself between every weight measurement—even at 2,000 capsules per minute. The end result is a unit that can run at the same line speed as nearly any capsule filler on the market.Mocon’s Vericap 4000 is one-half to one-quarter the price of competitive models. Additionally, it features fast, “tool-less” changeover. This compares to competitive models which can require a tool kit. (Additional change parts are available for size #00, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 capsules.)The unit also offers increased accuracy over previous models. This is a result of a number of proprietary enhancements including improved electronics and software precision.In production, the Vericap 4000 performs 100% weight inspection of every capsule, ensuring total compliance. The unit also sorts out problem formulations, empties, splits, dents, chaff and debris. Off line use includes the recovery of good capsules from rejected or problem batches and start-up/shut-down scrap.The integrated, on-board checkweigher provides a built-in analytical balance for a gravimetric capsule weight check. This capability automatically makes minor adjustments to the Vericap 4000 system calibration should it become necessary during the run. This insures maximum precision and traceability. These checkweighed capsules are collected separately and are not returned to the batch population. The frequency and number of capsules checked is adjustable. Several new features make the Vericap 4000 easier to use and more flexible. For example: nearly unlimited product menus and calibrations, a full statistical package for supervisory personnel, three levels of software security with protection security and an available checkweigher system for maximum precision and traceability.The unit also features stainless steel and glass construction for durability and sanitation. In addition, the system has quick disconnects or all table-top air lines and electrical connections to further enhance sanitation and reduce machine tear-down and reassembly time.A complete validation and documentation support program is available in accordance with the latest FDA requirements for computerized systems. (The Vericap 4000 is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.)