Axsun Technologies Inc.

Nov. 18, 2004
Wireless Enabled Analyzers Geared for Methods Development
Two new NIR analyzers from Axsun Technologies, Inc., are designed for methods development and easy conversion to the process environment. The NIR Analyzers have multiple communications options including wireless, USB, and RS232.Housed in a distinctive industrial-grade box, each analyzer supports direct-to-detector and fiber-to-detector sampling configurations. Semiconductor manufacturing techniques produce a uniform product, ensuring rapid calibration transfer from instrument to instrument.The new analyzers are optimized for liquid and gas analysis in process-manufacturing applications that require analysis in the CH or OH spectral ranges, according to Petros Kotidis, Axsun's vice president of marketing and business development.The company asserts that its micro-spectrometers are comparable to workhorse laboratory spectrometers, but are more reliable and portable, so they can be readily integrated into the process environment in a cost-effective way.