Mettler-Toledo Inc.

Oct. 7, 2004
New Electrode Facilitates Conductivity Measurement in Ultra Pure Water
The new InLab® 740 conductivity probe for testing ultra pure water provides laboratory professionals with extremely accurate automatic temperature compensation for very low conductivity measurements.
The probe compensates for the change in conductivity in a solution as temperature increases or decreases through the use of an integrated temperature sensor. Referenced at 20°C or 25°C, many conductivity measurements can be inaccurate. With the InLab 740, used in conjunction with a conductivity meter, this temperature compensation can be made automatically.With the purpose of aiding GLP requirements, the InLab 740 ships with a test certificate, stating the actual cell constant of each individual sensor. To further promote ease of use, the cell constant is also printed on the probe’s cable. With a V4A stainless steel measuring cell, very little, if any, carryover will occur, thus ensuring highly accurate readings, according to the manufacturer. The InLab 740 was designed with a measuring range of 0.001 to 500 µS/cm, and a temperature range of 0 - 70°C. The probe shaft is made of PVC Steel V4A, with a Mini-Din cable connection. The InLab 740 shaft measures 120 mm in length, with a 12 mm diameter.