Entegris, Inc

Dec. 14, 2004
Clean-in-place equipment aids biotech manufacturing
Materials integrity management supplier Entegris, Inc., recently announced a $2.8 million sale of life sciences products to a leading North American biotechnology company. The order delivers Entegris’ precision Clean-In-Place (CIP) equipment and engineering services to the customer’s cell culture production facility with the engineering services ongoing and the equipment to be shipped next fall during Entegris’ first fiscal quarter 2006.Entegris will be installing its flagship Single-Use Eductor Assisted (SUEA) CIP systems and associated spray technology to meet the automated critical cleaning needs on the customer's fermentor vessels, along with associated media tanks, buffer tanks and a variety of process lines and equipment. The order package also includes Entegris’ CAD/CAM designed precision spray devices and CIP-related engineering services. With this advanced technology, Entegris will enable the customer to operate more efficiently and environmentally friendly by reducing downtime, water usage, chemical usage and utility requirements.