LT Industries

Dec. 29, 2004
AccuScreen NIR Device Minimizes Artifacts
LT Industries, a supplier of Near InfraRed (NIR) analyzers, has introduced a new AccuScreen system for the analysis of granular solids.The product, a two-module system including a NIR polychromator and sample sensing chamber, uses “optics-to-sample distance sensing circuitry” for improved reproducibility.In the plant, an operator inserts a sample plate, such as a Petri dish, with powder into the chamber. The dish loads automatically, and the sensing circuitry establishes an ideal distance between the sample surface and the NIR device. Because the sample is not disturbed, there are no artifacts due to probe compaction or optical positioning. The technology also leads to better calibration sample data, ensuring the accuracy of chemometric models developed on the AccuScreen system.The company also maintains that test samples for the system do not require solvation, dilution or physical treatment before screening, while there is no reagent waste to dispose of following analysis.