Alfa-Laval Biokinetics

July 16, 2004
HyNetics Ships First Disposable Process System
Hynetics, a joint venture of Alfa Laval Biokinetics and HyClone, recently completed the delivery of its first single-use process system to LGC Scientific Supply, Inc. of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a supplier of biological media to the biopharmaceutical industry.The modular 750-L unit features disposable product contact surfaces, eliminating CIP.SIP and cross-contamination between batches, reducing operating costs and lead times when manufacturing media and other sterile process liquids.HyNetics systems are configurable to meet specific operations requirements. They have a capacity range from five to 10,000 L. The core formulation bag includes a patented disposable mixing device that is said to generate efficient, thorough mixing. Mixing speeds can be varied to suit formulation requirements.The single-use components of this formulation system include bioprocess bags, asspeciated ports and tubing and disposable filter sets. Downstream components and the filter train come connected and pre-sterilized, if required. The bags are said to feature medical-grade film with superior barrier and strength properties.